How to Log Off From Google Play Store on Android

If you have ever wanted to log off from Google Play Store on your mobile device, you have most probably already checked all the options and account settings that are available from the Play Store interface, without finding a clue about how to log out. Unfortunately, the Play Store does not have a log out feature like you would expect from any other apps you use on your Android device, which require a user account.

The Play Store itself is also an app that's for sure; however, since it is kind of a portal app that allows you to search, download and install other apps on your Android device, it is understandable that it may work slightly differently when it comes to logging in to your account and logging out.

Though a built-in log out mechanism would make things a lot easier for many Android users, if we think about the reasons why they haven't added a log out button to the Play Store app, it is most probably because the app comes installed as default with any Android device and the user of that device will probably never need to log off, except some certain circumstances such as the device changing its owner or there is a need for logging into the Play Store from a different Google account to make a purchase etc.

Your Google Play Store account is actually a simple email account, usually provided by Gmail, one of the free email account providers, and also the email service of Google. You can create a Play Store account -which is totally free- when you first start using your Android phone or at any later time as you wish. You can also add a Play Store account to your Android device whether or not you already have an account previously added. However, you can't log off your account from within the Play Store interface. The steps you will need to take for logging off the Google Play Store are explained below.

How to Log Out of Your Google Play Store Account

Currently, the only way for logging off from Play Store is to remove your account from your Android device, which will be demonstrated in the following steps. The settings interface and the steps you need to take may change depending on your device model and version (see find your Android version).

STEP 1: On your Android device (phone or tablet), open the Settings page and go to the Accounts tab.

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The Accounts tab will display a list of accounts that you have added to your device, such as Google, WhatsApp and others.

STEP 2: Select Google from the accounts list.

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This will display all the Google accounts added to your device. In most cases, unless you have added multiple accounts before, you should see only one account on the list.

STEP 3: Find the Google account that you want to log off from and tap on it.

Account Sync Settings page will be opened which has a number of options for syncing your app data, contacts, calendar and Gmail. If you want to preserve your app data, contacts etc. that are bound to your device, syncing it to another device will be a good idea before removing your account.

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STEP 4: At the bottom right corner of the screen, you will see the Remove Account button, tap on it.

A confirmation popup window will appear. As the confirmation box also says, removing your Google Play account from your device will also delete any related messages, contacts and data from your device.

How to Log Off From Google Play Store on Android - 4

STEP 5: When you are ready to proceed, click the Remove Account button to confirm the removal of your Google account from your device.

Your Google account will be removed and you will also be logged off from the Google Play Store on your device. You can now use another account to log in or create a new one.

Note that apps that require a user account don't automatically use your Google Play Store account. The Play Store account is used only for accessing the app pages on the store, and then downloading and installing the apps on your device. To use an app which asks you to register and sign in as a user after the installation, such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube apps, you will need to create an account for that specific app. Therefore, by logging off your Play Store account, you won't also be logged off from individual apps that you are using on your phone/tablet. You will need to log off from them separately.

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