How to Change Google Chrome Theme

According to the recent web traffic statistics compiled by the major web stats companies, Google Chrome is now the most widely used web browser across desktop and mobile devices, including PCs, laptops, smartphones and others. Its simplistic design, kind of never-changing user-friendly interface and various features it offers contribute to this popularity. Two important factors that also make Chrome as a highly preferred browser choice are the countless themes and extensions it has made available for its users over the years.

When you install Google Chrome on your computer, it is installed with the default blue Classic theme and a few default extensions related to other Google services. After the installation, you can enrich your browser interface by installing some beautiful themes and enhance its features by installing some cool extensions. The themes and extensions for Chrome are located in the Chrome Web Store that you can easily access from within the browser.

Though some Internet users don't bother with trying new themes or changing how their browser looks, there are also many users who prefer to install unique themes on their browsers and change them from time to time. Especially if you like seeing cool pictures when you open a new window or a new tab in your browser, using themes makes sense. Luckily for you, Chrome offers a huge archive of free (and paid) themes where you can find any type of themes to change to such as nature themes, movie themes, game themes, car themes, animal themes and so on.

In our other tutorials, we talked in detail about how to install and uninstall Chrome themes. Though both processes are closely related with changing the theme, the process might feel a little complicated for those who are just starting to use Chrome. Hence, I will show the steps for changing the theme on Google Chrome in detail in the next section.

How to Change Chrome Themes

Regardless of whether you still have the default Classic theme or another theme installed on Chrome, the steps you need to follow will be the same. Keep in mind that in order to access the online Chrome Web Store, you will need to be connected to the Internet; otherwise, it will simply not open, hence you won't be able to change your browser theme when you're offline.

STEP 1: Open Chrome browser and click the menu button with three horizontal lines (Customize and control Google Chrome) at the top right corner.

This will open a dropdown menu where you can access customization settings and controls about Chrome. You can also press Alt then Enter to open this dropdown menu.

STEP 2: On this menu, click on Settings to open the Settings page.

How to Change Google Chrome Theme - 1

STEP 3: On the Settings page, select Extensions from the left navigation menu, and click Get more extensions link at the bottom of the Extensions page.

How to Change Google Chrome Theme - 2

This will open Chrome Web Store Extensions page.

STEP 4: Click Themes on the left navigation menu to open the Themes page where you will see lots of themes submitted by Google and artists.

How to Change Google Chrome Theme - 3

TIP: You can directly open the Chrome Web Store Themes page using this link:

Browse the available themes as you wish. Note that while most of the themes are free to install, some of them will require a purchase.

STEP 5: Once you find a nice theme to replace your current one, click on it to open the theme details popup window.

You can learn more about the theme in this section by checking its detailed description, designer and reviews by other users.

How to Change Google Chrome Theme - 4

STEP 6: When you are ready to change your Chrome theme, click the Add to Chrome button at the top right corner of the theme details window.

It will take just a couple of seconds for the new theme to download and install. Once the installation is complete, your old theme will be deleted and it will be replaced with the new one. You can change your theme as many times as you want and any time you want following the same steps above.

One alternative to using themes could be using custom user styles but that's an advanced topic that will probably not attract your attention unless you are a web designer. A good thing about changing Chrome themes is that you will never need to uninstall Chrome from your system in order to change the theme.

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