Full List of MMS Gateway Domains for Mobile Carriers

Instant messaging tools such as Skype and WhatsApp have slowly replaced the use of SMS and MMS messaging in mobile communications between individuals. Though SMS and MMS messages are still used in daily life personal communications to an extent, they are now mostly used by companies and businesses to communicate with their customers and to send notifications, and by government entities to send important announcements to citizens.

As you may already know, SMS (Short Message Service) messages can contain only text (up to 160 characters), which makes them rather limited in terms of what you can use them for. MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services) messages on the other hand allow sending longer text messages, images, videos (up to 40 seconds), slideshows or audio files.

How MMS Gateways Work

Basically, when you prepare your MMS message and hit the send button on your mobile device, it is first sent to the receiver of your mobile carrier (e.g. T-Mobile) and then it is transmitted to the target phone number, i.e. the person you sent the message to. You can alter this process by performing the first step of preparing and sending of the MMS message on a server, by a scripting language such as PHP or Python.

In order for this to work, the message should be sent as an email to the MMS gateway domain (also see SMS gateways) of the target number's cell carrier company. Not all mobile carrier companies may have MMS gateway domains or have made them publicly available, hence you may not be able to use this technique for all phone numbers in the world.

What programming language and what type of script to use for your project is up to you, but you should know how the MMS gateway domains work. What you need to do to send an MMS message via email from your server is that you need to use the phone number (e.g. 9998880000, in 10 digits) as the username and the MMS gateway domain (e.g mms.example.com) as the email host like the following:


Assuming the MMS gateway domain is active, any emails sent to this address will be transmitted to the specified phone number. Note that, some mobile carriers may charge the recipient for receiving MMS messages.

Let's continue with our list of MMS gateway domains now.

Mobile Carrier MMS Gateways for Sending Email

Websites and domains, as well as mobile carrier companies change rapidly, hence the following list may not be 100% accurate at the time of your checking. Do your own tests and contact the mobile carriers if possible to ensure the MMS gateway domains you need to use are operational.

The (*) sign in the domains below is used as a placeholder for the phone number. Simply replace it with the phone number that will receive the message.

Mobile CarrierAreaMMS Gateway
AccessyouHong Kong*@messaging.accessyou.com
Bluegrass CellularUSA*@mms.myblueworks.com
Boost MobileUSA*@myboostmobile.com
Bouygues TelecomFrance*@mms.bouyguestelecom.fr
Box Internet ServicesSwitzerland*@mms.boxis.net
Cricket WirelessUSA*@mms.cricketwireless.net
CSLHong Kong*@mgw.mmsc1.hkcsl.com
Project FiUSA*@msg.fi.google.com
Rogers WirelessCanada & USA*@mms.rogers.com
Telus MobilityCanada & USA*@mms.telusmobility.com
TracFone USA & Puerto Rico*@mmst5.tracfone.com
U.S. CellularUSA*@mms.uscc.net
Verizon WirelessUSA*@vzwpix.com
Virgin MobileUSA*@vmpix.com

While using an MMS gateway domain in your script, make sure to use the correct domain name and extension to prevent any issues. If you are unsure whether or not a gateway domain really belongs to a mobile carrier company, you can check our posts about how to find who owns a domain and how to find who owns an email address to gain some insights.

A couple of things to keep in mind while sending electronic messages: Never send spam messages to anyone, be it email, SMS or MMS, as you will most likely face serious charges if you are reported for spamming. How fast the messages will be sent depends on your internet connection speed and the bandwidth of the server you will run the script on.

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