Full List of Yahoo! Mail Keyboard Shortcuts

Yahoo! Mail is one of the most visited free email account providers that you can send and receive emails, archive your emails and attachments for up to 1 TB. Yahoo provides a great email platform where you can organize your emails in folders, store your contacts, take notes and create calendar events. Yahoo also has one of the best spam filters, which will let your inbox take a fresh breath from the neverending visits of spam emails.

I have been using Yahoo! Mail for about 16 years now and compared to other email services that I used from time to time such as Gmail and Outlook, I can highly recommend Yahoo to anyone who is looking for a simple email solution that focuses on sending and receiving emails, with a simple but highly practical interface.

TIP: Remember to reset your Yahoo password from time to time and try choosing a secure password to minimize the risk of account breach.

While using the Yahoo! Mail for composing emails, reading emails, organizing and archiving emails, viewing attachments and checking conversations you can use a number of hotkeys to speed up each task. You can view the most frequently used Yahoo shortcuts by moving the cursor over the Help icon at the top and then selecting Keyboard Shortcuts from the dropdown menu.

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This will pop up a window where you will see a list of useful keyboard shortcuts for composing and viewing messages, working with message lists and some general commands. Though you will most probably be using this shortcuts frequently, this list is not complete.

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There are some more keyboard shortcuts that you can make use of while working with Yahoo Mail.

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Yahoo keyboard shortcuts may show slight difference based on whether you have Conversations enabled or not. Also note that you may use some of these shortcuts on Mac simply by replacing Ctrl with Cmd button.

Yahoo! Mail Keyboard Shortcuts for General Commands

These are the general keyboard shortcuts that you can use while viewing messages or conversations.

Keyboard ShortcutFunction
[Selects previous tab.
]Selects next tab.
;Opens Settings panel.
Ctrl + Shift + M or IStarts new instant message.
Ctrl + Shift + SActivates voice commands.
Ctrl + Shift + XDeactivates voice commands
Ctrl + Shift + Y or TStarts a new SMS message
DelMoves the selected message(s) to Trash folder.
EMoves the selected message(s) to Archive folder.
EscCloses the currently active tab.
MOpens Inbox.
NStarts composing a new message.
SBrings the cursor to the Search box.
Shift + EnterSearches the web using the term you entered into the search box.
Shift + MChecks all emails.
VCycles between inbox preview modes.

Yahoo! Mail Keyboard Shortcuts for Composing Messages

These are the keyboard shortcuts that you can use while composing messages.

Keyboard ShortcutFunction
Alt + Shift + 5Puts a strikethrough on the selected text.
Ctrl + BMakes the selected text bold.
Ctrl + EnterSends the message/email.
Ctrl + IMakes the selected text italic.
Ctrl + SSaves the message as a draft.
Ctrl + Shift + EAligns selected text to center.
Ctrl + Shift + LAligns selected text to left.
Ctrl + Shift + RAligns selected text to right.
Ctrl + Shift + UOpens file attachment dialog.
Ctrl + UUnderlines selected text.

Yahoo! Mail Keyboard Shortcuts for Viewing Messages and Message Lists

These are the keyboard shortcuts that you can use while viewing, replying and organizing messages and message lists.

Keyboard ShortcutFunction
AActivates Reply All to a message.
Ctrl + ASelects all messages.
Ctrl + Shift + ECreates a new messages folder.
Ctrl + Up/DownMoves focus up and down the messages list.
DOpens Move menu for the selected message(s).
D then 1-9Moves selected messages to the designated folder.
D then Ctrl + Shift + ECreates a new folder and moves the selected messages there.
EnterOpens a message.
FPrepares the message for Forward.
KMarks as Read/Unread.
LStars/Unstars a message.
Left / Right keysSelects previous / next message.
PPrepares the message for Print.
RPrepares the message for Reply.
Shift + CAdds sender to Contacts.
SpaceCheck/Uncheck a message.
Up / Down keysHighlights up / down message on a message list.

Yahoo! Mail Keyboard Shortcuts for Viewing Attachments

These are the keyboard shortcuts you can use while previewing email attachments.

Keyboard ShortcutFunction
Ctrl + + and Ctrl + -Zooms in and out on an attachment preview.
Ctrl + FOpens expanded view.
EscCloses expanded view.
Left / Right keysPreviews previous / next attachments.
Up / Down keysScrolls up / down through an attachment.

For an up to date, official list of Yahoo keyboard shortcuts, you can also check this support page on Yahoo Help section.

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