How to Open Google in Another Language

One of the things that I don't like about websites and software is that they install and/or display themselves in the system or region language without even asking your preference first. They do offer language options, like Google Chrome language options, but the fact that the websites and software that I use want to think for me is something that I don't quite enjoy when it comes to language preferences.

This may be handy for the average Internet user who would never need to use a website or application in another language. However, for web designers and developers like myself, for researchers, for travelers or for language learners, it is not always a pleasant experience to have to repeatedly change the language of the website or program you need to use.

Luckily, Google, as the most popular search engine, allows its users to visit its different language versions easily. The only thing you need is to know how to do that when you need it.

How to Open Google in a Different Language

Imagine that you live in France, or your computer (or mobile phone) has an operating system that is installed in French. When you visit Google's homepage, it will automatically redirect to the French version at

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Imagine that you need to do a search and want to see only the results that are in English language. In this case you simply click the English link below the search buttons.

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You will find that English link on Google homepages that are non-English such as Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Turkish and others.

What if you need to open Google and make a search in a language other than your system language (which is probably your native language) and English? Here is what you do in that case:

Open Google in a Specific Language

You can visit Google homepage for a specific language (or country) by simply entering the Google URL for that specific country. For example, if you want to open Google UK version, you need to type the following in the address bar of your web browser:

You can find some of the different country versions of Google below:


As you see, you can access Google in any language that you want either by using the language options provided on the Google homepage or by directly visiting the specific URL for that language/country.

TIP: Also check our full list of Google country TLDs.

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