How to Download Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 9

Since I've heard this question, "How do I download Internet Explorer 9?", a couple of times up to now I decided to create a quick tutorial about it.

Internet Explorer 11 is the latest version of Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer that was released not so long ago. Internet Explorer was my number one general purpose web browser, until two years ago when I changed to Firefox and then about one and a half year ago to Google Chrome.

The main reason for my abandoning Internet Explorer was that the previous version, Internet Explorer 8, had become somewhat slow and useless. With the latest improvements in Firefox and Chrome, it was apparent that they had become better browsers than Internet Explorer. Many surveys on the web showed that the user base of the Internet Explorer was decreasing rapidly in the last couple of years.

Apparently, Microsoft was aware of the situation and they decided to build a brand new version of their web browser (Internet Explorer 9) so that they could survive the neverending browser competition. The new browser was made available as a beta version for a couple of months and then it was released as a full version. The new Internet Explorer 9 has a lot of nice features and it seems to be a good move from Microsoft against Firefox and Chrome.

In the next section, I will briefly explain how to download Internet Explorer 9 to your computer easily.

How to Download Windows Internet Explorer 9

The first thing you should do before downloading the new version of Internet Explorer is to check its requirements to see whether or not your system will support it.

Once you make it sure that it will run on your system, go to the official page of Internet Explorer 9. On the download page, you can learn more about the browser and once you are ready, select the version of your operating system and choose the language that you want. You should also read the license terms and privacy statements before downloading the software. In the image below, I selected Windows Vista 32-bit English version. Actually, Vista was automatically detected but 32-bit was not.

Internet Explorer 9 Download Options

You can learn which version of Windows you have by right clicking on My Computer icon on your desktop and selecting Properties. There you will see which version your system is.

If everything is ok, click the Download now button and start downloading Internet Explorer 9. It will download a small .exe file and you will need this file in order to install the software.

This is how to download Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 9 for free. Now, you can continue with the installation.

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