The Best Search Engine on the Web is...

When I first met with the Internet about 15 years ago, there were a couple of popular search engines on the web including Yahoo, AltaVista, Ask and Lycos. My favorite search engine was Yahoo at that time, because it was providing the best search results back then. AltaVista was also a promising search engine and it was nearly as popular as Yahoo as a search engine about 10 years ago. Google was something new and in my own experience, at the early 2000s Yahoo was returning better results than Google, hence I used Yahoo for all my web search work for a long time. Actually, I kept using Yahoo for search even after Google started to provide better results because I really liked Yahoo and for some specific searches it was still better than Google.

In the last 10 years, we witnessed that many search engines stepped into the search market but most of them disappeared once Google really took off and became a great search engine providing the very best results comparing to its competitors. Even much popular sites like Ask and AltaVista are now out of the game and as a result, when we come to 2011, we can speak of three major search engines today, which are: Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We talked about Yahoo and Google above, and Bing is a relatively new search engine from Microsoft and it already has proved to be a strong competitor to Google and Yahoo. There are also many other highly popular sites that people use to search things, like YouTube, Twitter and FaceBook; but since they are not in the category of search engines, I will not talk about them.

At this point, I should also mention the non-English popular search engines such as Baidu (Chinese search engine) and Yandex (Russian search engine) since they are also being used by hundreds of millions of people but I will limit the scope of this post to international search engines.

3 Most Popular Search Engines

Before I come to a conclusion about the best search engine on the web, I guess it will be better to explain the main features of the three search engines in question so that you can better judge the powers and weaknesses of each of them.


Bing Homepage

Bing is the search engine from Microsoft and it is the new version of Live Search. It went online in June 2009 and now it has become the 3rd major international search engine on the web. Actually, people had greater expectations from Bing and some claimed that it would pass Google in a short time, but it didn't come out to be the case.

At the moment, Bing provides web, image, video, shopping, maps, travel and news search and I have to admit that I like their background photos. Bing has about 40 international versions allowing you to make searches in different languages. Though, they don't have my language (Turkish) yet, I hope they will add that soon.

You can sign in to Bing with your Windows Live or FaceBook account. Bing also has a reward program for its users, that give credits towards various rewards for using Bing. You can learn more about Bing, by checking their website here. Studies show that in the last year, Bing has grown its market share against Google. There are more to say about Bing and I will leave other features to another post.


Yahoo Homepage

Yahoo is one of the oldest search engines of the Internet and although it lost leadership to Google long ago, it can be said that it survived the competition successfully, being the 4th most visited site around the world as of now. Yahoo is mostly popular for its services such as Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Answers and Flickr but it is used as a search engine by a large number of people as well. I sometimes use Yahoo when I want to expand my search to discover more alternative results. On the following page, you can learn more about the Yahoo Search here

The Best Search Engine

And the Best Search Engine is...


Google Homepage

(Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission.)

Google is simply the most visited website on the web today. It has made great progress in the last couple of years adding many great features and improving the search algorithm to provide better results and now it is sitting on the first spot of the search engine market alone.

Google has lots of services to enhance your search experience such as Google Maps and Google Places and tools to organize your online stuff such as Google Docs and Gmail. Not only for its great services but also for its web search function, Google can be said to be the best search engine on the web since it returns the best results when you make a search. It still needs a lot of improvements to provide better related search results but I can say that they are on the right track considering the latest algorithm updates they have implemented to their search.

So, which one do you think is the best search engine on the web today? Google, Yahoo, Bing or another one? Which one do you use the most and which one has been returning the best results for your searches? I would really love to hear your thoughts about this.

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