How to Check Sent Invitations in LinkedIn

As the most popular professional networking website, LinkedIn offers a great platform for individuals and businesses from all around the world to connect, to meet and to work together. Though LinkedIn offers a paid membership with extra features and benefits, its free plan is still a very nice option to create your online presence and connect with other professionals in your field.

Whatever you are doing for a living, you can find relevant people to connect with on LinkedIn, as it is used by hundreds of millions of people from all parts of life around the globe. The quality of your connections is of course the number one priority, however, the number of your connections also matter a lot in today's world. Not only it gives to those who view your profile a first impression of "being well connected/known", hence establish some level of trust, but it also gives you the opportunity of staying in touch with lots of professionals that are working in the same or related fields as you do, sharing your knowledge and experience with them and learning from them.

TIP: A good (or bad for some users) thing about LinkedIn is that unlike Facebook where you can't view private profiles and know who viewed your profile, LinkedIn allows both in most cases.

Especially if you are a new user, the best and fastest way to connect with other users is (people you know and people that you want to meet and connect), is to send them an invitation, by introducing yourself and telling how you know them (or want to meet) and why you want to connect with them. When you are highly active on LinkedIn and you connect with a large number of people, it may be hard to keep track of who you send invitations too. This is important (especially on a professional social network), since if you don't know whether or not you had sent an invitation to a person before, you will have the risk of sending a second invitation to the same person again. That's most probably a situation you wouldn't want to be in, hence you should use the page LinkedIn provides to check and manage your sent invitations.

I will show you where to find that page now.

Where to Find LinkedIn Sent Invitations

You should first log in to your account in order to view your previously sent invitations.

STEP 1: Log in to your LinkedIn account at

Please be extra careful when you click on links on any website, and even if it is a trusted website, make sure that you landed on the correct target link afterwards, to prevent any account thefts.

STEP 2: After you logged in, click the Grow My Network icon on the top right corner, to the left of your profile icon.

How to Check Sent Invitations in LinkedIn - 1

This will open the page where you can see a long list of People You May Know, as well as a list of pending invitations that are sent to you. What we are interested in are the invitations that you had sent to other LinkedIn members.

STEP 3: Click the small human portraits icon on the right edge of the Pending Invitations title bar, which will open a small dropdown menu like the following:

How to Check Sent Invitations in LinkedIn - 2

STEP 4: Select Sent invitations from the dropdown menu.

You will now see the Sent Invitations page where all the people that you previously sent invitations to will be listed, provided that they haven't accepted or refused your invitation already.

You can check this page whenever you plan to send an invitation to someone to make sure you haven't sent an invitation before. From this page, you can also cancel your sent invitations if you changed your mind about connecting with any person.

I don't know if there's an expiry time on sent invitations (i.e. if they will disappear after a certain amount of time if they are not accepted or refused), if so, you will be able to see the invitations that are sent only within that time range.

Now that you know how to prevent double invitations, you can continue growing your LinkedIn network safely.

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