How to Change Twitter Theme Color

Twitter is one of the most visited websites and most popular social networking platforms, where you can stay in touch with your friends and followers, as well as follow your favorite celebrities, and brands you regularly use. It is the ideal place to share quick status updates or post about your interesting finds on the internet and check what's going on around the world in real-time.

For some users, Twitter is like an addicting game which they spend a lot of time on it, some users even use it like a micro blogging platform on a daily basis and publish dozens of tweets a day. As one of the most popular free apps, it is also with us on our tablets and mobile phones while we're on the go.

Twitter allows users to upload their own profile pictures, header banner images, as well as do some customizations on its interface to provide each profile with a unique look. Changing the theme color on Twitter is one of the things you can do to make your profile look unique and show your friends that you know how to do cool things like that.

When you change the theme color of your Twitter profile, the links, tweet buttons, hashtags, trends, tweet box and icons will also change to the new color. Note that this change is visible by anyone else; you most probably stumbled upon some Twitter profiles with different color themes before.

Now, let's see how the theme color is changed on Twitter.

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How to Change Theme Color on Your Twitter Profile

STEP 1: Log in to your Twitter profile:

When you log in, you will be welcomed by the Twitter homepage, where you will see your timeline, which is a flow of status updates and tweets by those who you follow. At the top left corner of the homepage, you will see a section with your profile name, profile picture and header image.

How to Change Twitter Theme Color - 1

STEP 2: Click on your profile name to open your profile page.

Below the header banner image, you will see the Edit Profile button on the right side of the page.

How to Change Twitter Theme Color - 2

STEP 3: Click on the Edit Profile button which will activate the editing mode on your profile page.

While in editing mode, you can change your profile photo, header cover photo, profile details and the theme color.

STEP 4: On the left sidebar, find the Theme color option and click on it.

How to Change Twitter Theme Color - 3

This will open a small dropdown window with multiple color options.

STEP 5: Select the color of your preference to set as your theme color by either clicking on one of the preset colors or by entering the color code into the input box as shown in the above image.

You can also use one of these online graphic design programs to get color codes for your theme.

This concludes our tutorial about changing your Twitter theme color. As the longest night of the year approaches, it is now a good time to make some nice changes on your Twitter profile including its theme color and prepare your unique tweets to be sent that night.

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