What is the Use of etc Folder in Your Hosting Account

As I continue cleaning my hosting account from unnecessary files, I keep learning new things about web hosting, servers, cPanel, different folders and their uses. Today, I will talk about a directory named etc, which had some files like passwd, quota and shadow. Although I had seen it many times before, I had no idea what that was all about; hence I did a quick search about it on the web. I found a detailed explanation of the etc folder here.

From that post, I learned that the etc folder is created on Linux based servers and it maintains many files including network configuration files. As Amir from Linux Journal suggests, you should be careful when playing with the content of this folder.

Actually, I guess it will be better for me to leave it as it is for now and keep in mind to make a backup of the folder before changing anything. I will not touch to etc folder at the moment and I will come back to it at a later time when I get to know more about servers and hosting.

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