How to Mute Camera Shutter Sound on Android Phones

Most smartphones have a shutter sound that is triggered whenever you take a photo with their cameras. This sound is usually turned on by default via factory settings. In this post, I will show you how to turn off the shutter sound of your Android device.

The shutter sound on cameras, including smartphone cameras, is implemented as a means of feedback, which means, when you align your camera and press the capture button, the shutter makes a sound so that you know you have taken the photo successfully. However, there are definitely cases where you wouldn't want your phone's camera to make that shutter sound when you are taking pictures.

Imagine that you are in a crowded but silent area with many other people; it may be a gathering, a meeting or a conference. You notice something that grabs your attention and want to take a picture of it. You take your phone out of your pocket, activate its camera and press the "capture" button. All of a sudden, all the nearby heads turn towards you wondering what you are doing with the phone in your hand. That brief moment of embarrassment is all due to the annoying and often times quite loud shutter sound your phone's camera made when you took that picture.

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We have been using our smartphones more like a camera for a long time now because we like taking photos and recording videos of everything we encounter in our daily lives, from our food to our pets and from our travels to our friends. We use photos not only to save and preserve our precious moments and memories, but also to share them with our friends and followers on sites like Flickr or Instagram, sometimes using some silly or funny captions.

Some of our photography sessions take place in the outside where there's usually a lot of noise. But there are also a considerable amount of times where we may need to take photos in closed areas such as buildings, rooms, vehicles where there are other people and silence is required. There are also cases where you may just be witnessing a crime and you need to take a photo as evidence but you can't make any sound. Taking a photo with your Android phone in such a situation will not be a much pleasant experience if every photo you take makes that annoying shutter sound. That's why we prepared a guide to help you mute the camera shutter sound on your Android device any time you need to take photos in silent environments.

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How to Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound on Android

In this section, I will demonstrate how the camera shutter sound of your Android device can be turned off without using any apps, simply via the system settings. The exact steps may change depending on your phone model and Android version but the concept should be the same.

STEP 1: Grab your phone and open the Settings page by tapping on its icon. You can find the Settings icon in the Apps section.

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STEP 2: On the Settings page, select My Device tab and then scroll down to find the Accessibility button and tap it.

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The Accessibility section offers a number of options to improve accessibility for users who have impaired vision, hearing or reduced dexterity. This is also where you will mute all sounds (temporarily) so that the camera shutter won't make any sounds while taking pictures.

STEP 3: On the Accessibility page, scroll down to find the Hearing section, where you will see the Turn off all sounds option. Check its checkbox, to turn off all the sounds your phone makes, including the camera shutter sound.

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If you take a photo now, you will notice that the shutter no longer makes any sounds. This will also disable the sound of taking screenshots.

Note that, this turns off all sounds on your phone, including the ringtone and notifications, therefore, if you want to continue hearing them, you should turn it on again once you are done with taking photos.

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