How to Take a Photo with Your Android Phone

Taking photos with our mobile phones might be quite trivial for most of us but there are also those who may need a little help if they are new to using an Android phone. In this quick tutorial, I will demonstrate how to take photos with Android devices.

With the rise of the smartphones with large screens and improved cameras (some phones have multiple of them), the need for carrying a separate camera to take pictures wherever you go became obsolete. Most newer smartphones now have highly capable camera lenses with more than 10 megapixels, zoom and other features. Some phone models even allow you to plug external lenses to take higher quality photos.

If you have a smartphone with Android operating system, you can easily take photos using its Camera application. In the rest of this post, I will show how to use it.

How to Take Photos on Android Phones

In this example, I will use a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini smartphone with Android version 4.2.2. Your phone's screen and features may be different but the main concept is the same and you should be able to start taking photos with your phone if you follow these steps carefully.

STEP 1: Open your phone and unlock its screen if it's locked.

In most cases, you should see the Camera application on your phone's home screen like the following:

How to Take a Photo with Your Android Phone - 1

If you can't see the Camera application on your home screen for any reason, check the Apps section where you will find another shortcut icon to it.

How to Take a Photo with Your Android Phone - 2

STEP 2: Tap on the Camera icon to start the Camera application, which will prepare your phone's camera to start taking photos.

When the Camera becomes active, your phone's screen will change to a real-time camera view with camera controls.

How to Take a Photo with Your Android Phone - 3

The camera controls you see on your phone may be different depending on what phone model you are using.

To take a photo, simply tap on the Camera button at the bottom of the screen. The camera will focus on the scene and take a picture of it. It will make a sound and a white frame border will appear on your screen momentarily so that you will know the photo is taken.

You can change the picture mode (Night, Sports, Panorama, etc.) using the Mode button on the bottom left corner. You can apply filter effects (grayscale, sepia, negative, etc.) by tapping on the arrow to the left of the screen. You can swap the back and front camera lenses by tapping on the swap button at the top right corner and change other options using the Options button below the swap button. If you want to record a video instead of taking photos, you can use the video recording button at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Once you have taken your photos, you can continue with viewing, editing and sharing them as you wish. You can also post them online or copy to your computer for storing them. See where the photos are stored on Android phones to learn more about how to access the photos you took.

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This concludes our tutorial about taking photos on Android devices; hopefully it will help new Android users start taking photos.

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