Where are Photos Stored on Your Android Phone

If you are new to using a mobile phone with Android operating system, it may be difficult to get used to how it works and finding things such as the photos that you take with its camera. In this tutorial, I will show you where to find your photos on an Android device.

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The Android operating system that is used on mobile phones and tablets is getting more clever and more user friendly with each new version update but it may still be confusing at times, especially for new users. Though it has a simple and easy to use interface, depending on your phone (or tablet) model and the initial factory settings, things may not be where you want them to be when you first start using your device.

Like in most other phones, Android phones store the pictures taken by the phone camera in a photo gallery folder. The location of this folder in your system and on your phone screen may vary from phone to phone but in all cases, there has to be a gallery where your photos are stored.

In another post, I talked about how to take a photo with Android phones which you may find to be useful if you are have just started using an Android smartphone. Now, I will continue with showing where the photos that you take with your phone's camera are stored.

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Where are Photos Stored on Android Devices

I will be using a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini with Android 4.2.2 for demonstration purposes but the steps will be more or less the same for all Android devices.

STEP 1: Grab your phone and open it by pressing open/close button which is usually at the top right side of the phone. If your screen is locked, unlock it.

STEP 2: Find the Apps button on your homepage (or wherever it is located) and tap on it to open your Applications list.

Where are Photos Stored on Your Android Phone - 1

The above screenshot is provided for demonstration purposes; your homepage will most probably be different compared to it.

STEP 3: In your Applications list, find the application that is named Gallery and tap on it.

Where are Photos Stored on Your Android Phone - 2

This will open the Gallery application which displays all your photos on your device in separate album such as Camera, Screenshots and other albums that applications such as WhatsApp might have created.

Where are Photos Stored on Your Android Phone - 3

STEP 4: Tap on the Camera album. This is where the photos you have taken with your camera are stored.

The camera photos will be displayed on the right of the screen, as a vertical slideshow. You can now view, edit, share or delete any photo as you wish.

Where are Photos Stored on Your Android Phone - 4

You can also access your photos by connecting your phone to a computer. When you connect your phone to your computer and open it, you will see a folder structure similar to the following:

Where are Photos Stored on Your Android Phone - 5

You will find the Camera folder inside the DCIM folder. From there, you can copy your photos to your computer or delete the ones that you don't want to keep. Once copied to your computer, you can store your photos on one of the free online file storage sites or edit them with online photo editors before sharing them with your friends.

This is how you can find the photos you take with the camera on your Android device. If you think this tutorial was helpful, please share it with other Android users.

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