Where are Screenshots Stored on Android Phones

Sometimes, it may not be so easy to find the pictures and screenshots you take on your Android device, especially if you are a new user. In this tutorial, I will show you where to find the screenshots folder on Android phones.

I talked about how to take a screenshot on Android in another post and as I was taking screenshots on my Android phone while preparing that tutorial, I realized that it may not be easy for some users to locate their screenshots on their phones, hence I decided to write this quick tutorial.

NOTE: I will be using a Samsung Galaxy phone for demonstration purposes. Your phone's interface and image saving preferences may show difference than what is shown in this tutorial.

Where is Android Screenshots Folder?

When you take a screenshot on your Android phone, in other words when you capture a picture of your phone screen, it is saved to the Screenshots folder inside the picture albums gallery.

To open the picture gallery, tap the Gallery icon on your screen.

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The gallery is either on your home page or within the applications area. Note that depending on your device model and user preferences, the location and the icon of the gallery may show difference.

Inside the Gallery, you will see a number of subfolders that store images and videos from different sources such as the Camera, Bluetooth or applications such as WhatsApp. If you have taken any screenshots previously, you will also see the Screenshots folder. Its name will be displayed as Screenshots (1); the number next to it corresponds to the number of screenshots in that folder.

Where are Screenshots Stored on Android - 2

You can view your screenshots within this folder and share them as you wish or save them to your online file storage account such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Another way to access your Android screenshots is via a computer, let's see how to do that below.

How to Find Android Screenshots From Your Computer

When you connect your phone to your computer, you will see the folders inside your phone's storage space similar to the following:

Where are Screenshots Stored on Android - 3

Click the Pictures folder where you will find the Screenshots subfolder. There you will find the screenshots you took with your Android device. You can then copy and paste them onto your computer.

TIP: You can also check the post about how to take screenshots on your computer if you need to take bigger screenshots of the websites you visit.

Screenshots help you share what you see on your screen with others, just like the screenshots I used in this tutorial. There are many other cases where you may need to take a screenshot of your screen on your Android phone such as saving an image copy of a message you received in a messenger app or reporting a bug you stumbled on a website or web application you are using. Hopefully this post will be helpful to you for easily locating those screenshots.

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