10 Nice Skype Alternatives for Desktop and Mobile

Skype is a great instant messenger that is widely popular among desktop and mobile users, but there are also some nice alternatives to keep in mind in case you need a new messenger. In this post, I will talk about 10 alternatives to Skype.

After acquiring Skype, Microsoft ended support and further development of the once king of messengers, MSN Messenger (later named as Windows Live Messenger), as they continued to focus purely on Skype, which is currently one of the most popular instant messenger apps for desktop and mobile Internet users in the world.

Skype has many capabilities such as instant text messaging, voice and video calls to other Skype users and to landlines and cell phones, screen and file sharing, group chat sessions and more. In short, it is a great communication tool to have on your computer or smartphone.

Though Skype will most probably answer to most of your communication needs, there are also some other tools that you may prefer for other features, for their interface, for privacy reasons or for communicating with friends on other platforms. Or, maybe you just want to mute Skype for a while. Whatever your reason is, having a good list of alternatives to Skype will be nice when you decide to change your messenger.

In this post, we take a detailed look at 10 instant messaging apps for desktop computers and mobile devices that can be considered as an alternative to Skype.

List of Skype Alternatives

The following list is a collection of 10 highly popular instant messaging software and apps that you can use when you don't feel like using Skype. Not all the listed tools may have all the features Skype has but you can decide which one to use by checking how each one works and whether the people you want to connect to also use them or not.

Let's start our list with the current most popular mobile instant messaging app.

1. WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has been a mobile only instant messenger app for a long time but recently they introduced its PC and Mac versions too. WhatsApp is available on Android, iOS Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia as a mobile app. It is one of the easiest messengers to use that lets you send instant text and audio messages, send pictures and videos, share your location and have group chats. It is available in dozens of languages, and its major advantage is that the majority of the smartphone users around the world are probably already using it.

Here is the link to WhatsApp.

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2. Facebook Chat

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Our second alternative is the old familiar Facebook Chat. It may not be a standalone messaging application but it is still an instant communication tool hundreds of millions of users use on a daily basis. It is accessible both on desktop computers and mobile devices and it allows you to chat with anyone on your Facebook friends list. You can send text messages, photos, videos and file attachments as well as make voice or video chat on Facebook Chat.

Here is the link to Facebook Chat.

3. Yahoo Messenger

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Yahoo Messenger is among the oldest instant messengers that still has a considerable user base. With the latest improvements and additions, you can now use Yahoo Messenger on the desktop, inside a web browser, within your email or on your tablet or phone. It lets you share and send multiple high resolution photos quickly and easily using the carousel feature. You can also send animated GIFs and take back the message you sent, which is pretty useful in my opinion. In Yahoo Messenger, you can form groups to chat with multiple users.

Here is the link to Yahoo Messenger.

4. AIM

10 Nice Skype Alternatives for Desktop and Mobile - 4

AIM is the AOL's instant messenger which has been around for a very long time. In addition to the basic instant chat features, it also has free text messaging (to cell phones), group conversations, sharing photos and videos and social notifications from your social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can use AIM on Windows and Mac computers, as well as Android and iOS devices. AIM has a easy to use interface that simplifies instant messaging.

Here is the link to AIM.

5. ICQ

10 Nice Skype Alternatives for Desktop and Mobile - 5

If you are not among the newest generation, you have probably used ICQ messenger back in the days when the Internet was still toddling. Before MSN became popular, ICQ was the instant messenger most people used for communicating with others online. Though it lost its popularity over the years, it is still a nice alternative with its new and elegant design, free voice and video calls and group chats. ICQ offers high quality video calls, conversation history synchronization, fast file transfer and unique stickers that you can use while chatting with your friends. ICQ is available on most platforms you can think of.

Here is the link to ICQ.

6. Viber

10 Nice Skype Alternatives for Desktop and Mobile - 6

Viber is a cross-platform instant communication app that works on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. It has a fun to use interface with beautiful stickers and icons, and it doesn't require a registration to use it. You can use Viber for instant chats, free text messages, calls, sending photos and sharing your location. Once installed, it integrates with your contact list immediately. Viber can safely be considered among the best alternatives to Skype or to any other instant messaging app.

Here is the link to Viber.

7. WeChat

10 Nice Skype Alternatives for Desktop and Mobile - 7

WeChat is another highly popular messaging tool that is available for PC (Windows, Mac & Web) and mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, BlackBerry and Nokia). WeChat has some unique features compared to the other apps, such as the walkie talkie feature that lets you to talk with friends with a walkie talkie session in a group conversation, friend radar that helps you find friends or other WeChat users.

Here is the link to WeChat.

8. Line

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Line is another cross-platform instant messaging software that you can download and install on PCs, tablets and smartphones. In addition to instant chatting, it offers free text, audio and video messages in one-to-one conversations or in group chats. Line app also lets you make free voice and video calls with other Line user. Line is also widely used by popular companies, brands and celebrities to keep in contact with their follower base and to share special promos and coupons. Line allows you to add new friends by simply shaking your phones.

Here is the link to Line.

9. ooVoo

10 Nice Skype Alternatives for Desktop and Mobile - 9

ooVoo is a free instant messaging app that is available in most platforms including PC, Mac, Android, iOS and Amazon Fire Phone. You can send text, photos, videos, share screens and make video calls including as a group. With ooVoo, you can make free voice calls to other users or call landlines by purchasing credits. A unique feature of ooVoo is that it allows you to watch YouTube videos with friends while you are video chatting with them.

Here is the link to ooVoo.

10. Talky

10 Nice Skype Alternatives for Desktop and Mobile - 10

Talky is a unique instant messenger that works in a web browser without requiring you to register or log in. You simply enter your preferred screen name and start your chat room. Then you send its link to any friends you want to talk with. It also supports group chats up to 15 participants. The nice thing about Talky is that it doesn't need any downloads or installations and you can use it on the go whenever you want simply by accessing it via your browser. It provides optional privacy by setting a key for your chat room.

Here is the link to Talky.

There are some other less known instant messengers that can be considered as alternatives to Skype but the above apps and software are mostly what you will find enough while chatting with your friends from around the world.

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