5 Free Online Mobile App Builders for Beginners

If you have always wanted to build your own mobile app but never had a chance to start with it, here is a good chance for you to create your first app with no coding. In this post, we will take a detailed look at 5 online mobile app builders that you can build and publish your own apps for free.

Before we start, we should mention that this post is targeted for beginners who would like to get their hands on learning how to build their very first mobile app without touching any code, and publish it on app stores like Google Play and iTunes. If you are planning to create a serious venture focusing on building and publishing mobile apps, we highly recommend that you consider either learning how to develop apps yourself, hiring a professional mobile app developer (individual or company), or using a paid mobile app builder with a lot more features and capabilities.

Not all "Free" Mobile App Builders are Really Free

It is rather difficult to find truly free online mobile app builders, even with limited features, as most online app builders usually ask a ridiculous monthly fee and the ones that offer a free option usually only offer a mobile optimized HTML5 website, which is really not what we are looking for. Or they allow you to create the app freely, which is great; but they require you to pay for publishing it, which is not so great.

For that reason, we made an extensive research about online mobile app makers and compiled a list of 5 nice ones that have a free plan which allows you to create and publish a mobile app. Though they may not offer all the features you may need, they will surely be a good start for you to get into building mobile apps on your own.

App Store Publisher Registration Fees

A final word before we start with our list is that you should keep in mind that app stores require an initial payment for opening a publisher account, in other words, in order to be able to publish your apps (after you create them one of the free tools below), you will need to make a one-time payment to open your publisher accounts on app stores. As of now, the fee is $25 for Google Play store (check this page for up-to-date pricing) and $99 for Apple iTunes store (check this page for up-to-date pricing).

5 Free Online Mobile App Builders

Let's start with our list now, with no specific order.

1. Mobincube

5 Free Online Mobile App Builders for Beginners - 1

Mobincube is a multiplatform online mobile app builder that allows you to create unlimited native apps for Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices. Tens of thousands of apps have been created by Mobincube, which account for over a hundred million of app downloads.

Mobincube requires no coding and it offers an easy to use visual interface that helps you through all the steps from signing up to building and publishing your app. You can use their nice, pre-designed templates or create your own custom designs for your apps.

Some of the features of Mobincube include online stores, push notifications, audio, video, maps and databases. With Mobincube, you can even monetize your apps and earn money from your apps, which might be a great motivation to start building your apps.

You can learn more about Mobincube here.

2. Andromo

5 Free Online Mobile App Builders for Beginners - 2

If you are not into monetization and just want to put your first app online as quickly as possible, Andromo is a nice tool you can give a try. It allows you to create one Android app and share on Google Play store.

You can get started with Andromo easily and add content, graphics and features to your app via an intuitive user interface. You can control the style, colors, icons and images to give your app a unique look. Also, it supports the creation of apps with multiple language support.

Andromo has a large user base and has lots of great reviews. They also have a detailed tutorials section which will guide you through creating your first app.

You can learn more about Andromo here.

TIP: If you ever need images to use in your apps, you can check our post about free stock image websites.

3. AppsGeyser

5 Free Online Mobile App Builders for Beginners - 3

AppsGeyser is another highly popular online mobile app builder tool that has over a billion installed apps. It has no limits on the number of apps that you can create and it allows you to publish them with no restrictions. With AppsGeyser, you can build different types of apps such as website apps, browsers, messengers, TV apps, YouTube and Facebook apps, games and more.

AppsGeyser works by a revenue share model, in which you get 50% of the revenue that your apps generate. Even if you start app building as a hobby or out of curiosity, monetizing your apps will never hurt :)

Some other features of AppsGeyser include a network for the free distribution of your app, advanced HTML5 features and popup notifications.

You can learn more about AppsGeyser here.

4. Make me Droid

5 Free Online Mobile App Builders for Beginners - 4

Make me Droid offers a quick and simple way to build native, custom mobile applications online for free. It has paid options too but their free version should be enough to make a start.

Make me Droid offers test and marketing tools and advanced customization features as well as templates for apps and screens. Though some of the additional features may be costly, it is still a nice tool to give a try and build your first application with.

Once you built your app, you can publish to Google Play (after opening a publisher account with them) with no extra charge but iTunes submission is done by Make me Droid team which requires a payment.

You can learn more about Make me Droid here.

TIP: If you would like to design your own graphic elements to use in your apps, you can check our free online graphic design tools post.

5. AppsMoment

5 Free Online Mobile App Builders for Beginners - 5

The last online mobile app builder in our list is AppsMoment, which supports cross-platform (Android, iOS and Windows) apps. The free option of AppsMoment allows you to create and publish one app with push notifications and in-app purchases.

AppsMoment provides dozens of pre-built application templates that you can use to quickly place the foundations of your app in a range of categories such as Business, Entertainment, Games, Music and Places.

You can also build apps for Amazon Kindle and publish them on the Amazon App Store. Some other features of AppsMoment are shopping carts, videos, podcasts, QR codes and GPS.

You can learn more about AppsMoment here.


Depending on the type and nature of the mobile application you will build and the tool you will use for building it, you may still need to host some of your application files, content or user database yourself. In that case, please also see our guide which will help you find cheap web hosting.

We hope that this list of free online mobile app builders will help you get started with building your first app.

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