Full List of Skype Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use Skype faster and more efficiently while communicating with your contacts, using a number of keyboard shortcuts. In this post, we will make a detailed list of all the shortcuts you can use in Skype.

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Skype is one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world, which is available on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones. Though it has many alternatives, it is still preferred by a large user base as the #1 messenger. In addition to real-time text chat, you can use Skype for voice and video chats, phone calls to landlines and cell phones, group chat sessions, file and screen sharing and some other instant communication related activities.

Full List of Skype Keyboard Shortcuts

When you are using any software or application, especially if you are using it on a regular basis, knowing what shortcuts it has to offer is highly valuable for performing your actions more efficiently and for saving considerable time. Skype is no different in that sense. You can save a lot of time and make many actions easier if you get accustomed to using its hotkeys.

Though Skype has many available keyboard shortcuts that you can use, you will not see all of them on the Options panel's Advanced > Hotkeys page. Therefore, we compiled the following list of hotkeys to help Skype users easily find the hotkey they are looking for to simplify certain actions.

Skype Keyboard Shortcuts List

We tried our best to include all the available keyboard shortcuts for Skype by inspecting its interface in detail and by Microsoft's official support page for keyboard shortcuts for Skype for Business here. If you find any Skype shortcut that is not listed on the following table, please let us know.

Alt+ 1View Contacts tab.
Alt+ 2View Recent tab.
Alt+ EnterView Fullscreen.
Alt+ PgDnHang up a call.
Alt+ PgUpAnswer an incoming call.
Ctrl + ,Open Options panel.
Ctrl + Alt+ RMake a (voice) Call to the selected contact.
Ctrl + Alt+ PgDnDecline an incoming call.
Ctrl + Alt+ PgUpAnswer an incoming call with video.
Ctrl + DMake a phone call by dialing numbers.
Ctrl + FOpen Find dialog to search for text in a conversation.
Ctrl + F4Hide a conversation.
Ctrl + HOpen Skype Home page.
Ctrl + IOpen Profile page, where you can edit your profile details.
Ctrl + MMute Microphone.
Ctrl + NCreate new group conversation.
Ctrl + Shift+ AAdd people to a conversation.
Ctrl + Shift+ FSend a File.
Ctrl + Shift+ RMake a (video) Call to the selected contact.
Ctrl + Shift+ SSend an SMS.
Ctrl + Shift+ UMark a conversation as Unread.
Ctrl + WClose a conversation.
EnterMake a call or start a chat with the selected contact.

These are the most commonly used Skype shortcuts that we believe you will find to be useful while using Skype. Note that, you can also specify your own hotkeys for some certain tasks from the Hotkeys option panel, which we will explain how to do in another post.

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