How to Delete Instagram App From Your Phone

Feeling that you're done with Instagram? Thinking of giving a break to using Instagram, for some personal space and privacy? Here is how you can uninstall the Instagram application from your Android smartphone or tablet.

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Instagram is a social photo sharing mobile application where you can share your photos and videos with your friends and followers, and also view what others share. Instagram has been among the top 10 most popular free apps for a while now, with over a billion downloads on the Google Play Store alone. You can find photos about almost anything on Instagram.

Instagram is a great platform for quickly and easily sharing the photos you take or the videos you record on your mobile phone and let your friends and followers see them, like them and comment on them.

Though you may find Instagram to be highly useful for connecting with the world at times, there are also times where you might want to give a break to Instagram or to quit using it permanently. It may be because you have found another application that you prefer for sharing photos, or that you have been spending far too much time on it, or you are a little annoyed with all those comments that your photos are receiving. In such times, it is always an option to uninstall the Instagram app from your device.

In another post, I demonstrated how to download and install Instagram app in detail, now we can continue with learning how to uninstall the Instagram app from your phone.

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How to Uninstall Instagram App on Android

I will be using a Samsung Galaxy S3 with Android v4+ for demonstration purposes in this tutorial. Though other devices and Android versions may show some slight difference, the following steps will be more or less similar. Note that, the same pattern is followed for uninstalling apps on Android, so you can use the same steps for removing other apps from your phone.

STEP 1: On your phone, open the Settings screen.

How to Delete Instagram App From Your Phone - 1

Depending on your phone's interface setup, you may find the Settings button on the homescreen or on the Apps screen.

STEP 2: Select More tab at the top right corner and then tap on Application Manager.

How to Delete Instagram App From Your Phone - 2

The Application Manager will list all the applications that are installed on your device. It has four tabs named as Downloaded, SD Card, Running and All. In general, you will see the apps that you have downloaded from the Play Store on the Downloaded tab.

STEP 3: Find the Instagram app from the apps list on the Application Manager and tap on it. Make sure that the app is named exactly as "Instagram" as you may have some other Instagram related third party applications on your phone using the word Instagram in their names.

How to Delete Instagram App From Your Phone - 3

When you tap on the Instagram app, the App info page will open. The App info page lists information about the app, such as its version, storage and cache stats, and controls to stop and uninstall the app.

STEP 4: If you are sure about uninstalling the Instagram app, tap on the Uninstall button. The Instagram app will be removed from your phone.

How to Delete Instagram App From Your Phone - 4

You can also clear the local data and cache for the Instagram app before the uninstallation, by tapping on Clear data button. This will also clean your search history.

TIP: Before uninstalling Instagram, you may want to take a last look at your search history.

If you have followed the above steps successfully so far, the Instagram app will be removed from your device completely. Note that removing the Instagram app will not delete your account; if you ever install the app again, you will be able to continue using your account from where you left off. If your intention is to never use Instagram again and close your account, you can permanently delete your Instagram account.

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