How to Download the YouTube App to Your Mobile Phone or Tablet

You can freely access YouTube's website on your mobile phone and tablet (or any other device) any time you want, as long as you have an Internet connection, but using the app for YouTube surely has its own benefits too. In this tutorial, I will show you how to download and install the YouTube app on your smartphone or tablet.

YouTube has been among the top three most visited websites for a very long time now. For the last decade or so, it has been the number one video sharing website, being home to millions of videos uploaded and billions of hours of videos watched every month. Considering its alternatives, YouTube seems that it will be staying at the #1 spot for many years to come.

YouTube is a great platform for watching fun and interesting videos, listening to music and streaming your own broadcast.

Now that Internet and communications has mostly moved towards the mobile world (smartphones and tablets), you can watch YouTube videos simply by visiting in your mobile phone's web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.). Though it is easy and fast to access and watch videos on YouTube website, using the YouTube App is also a good idea for accessing your YouTube account and watching videos on the go, since it offers a number of benefits for mobile users.

The YouTube app is tailored for mobile screens and mobile users, hence it provides a fluent experience while checking recommended videos and your subscribed channels, as well as your account settings. You can do almost anything on the mobile app that you can do on the YouTube website such as explore fun videos, subscribe to channels that you like, upload and edit videos, share videos and so on.

YouTube app comes installed on Android devices by default but if it is uninstalled or doesn't exist on your phone for any reason, you can still install it. Now, let's see how to download the YouTube app to your phone or tablet.

How to Download YouTube App on Android

I will be using an Android (v 4.2.2) based Samsung smartphone for demonstration purposes.

TIP: How to Check Android Version

STEP 1: Open your phone and go to the Google Play Store by tapping on its icon.

If you can't find the Google Play Store icon on your homescreen, check the Apps screen to find its shortcut.

How to Download the YouTube App to Your Mobile Phone or Tablet - 1

The Play Store requires a Google account to log in and download apps. If you don't have an account, simply create one.

Once you open the Play Store, you will see a Search box at the top, with a placeholder text "Google Play".

STEP 2: Into this Search box, enter "youtube" and hit the search button. Or, you can tap the microphone icon inside the search box and say "youtube" to the phone.

The search result page will list a number of apps that are related to YouTube. At the top of this list, you should see "the" YouTube app.

How to Download the YouTube App to Your Mobile Phone or Tablet - 2

(YouTube and the YouTube logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission.)

Note that the official YouTube app is developed by Google Inc., hence you should see that text below the app name. To be safe, only download the app that is provided by Google.

STEP 3: Tap on the YouTube app on the list, which will open the app page.

On the app page, you will see some useful information about the app such as its features, what's new, reviews and ratings, as well as an install button.

How to Download the YouTube App to Your Mobile Phone or Tablet - 3

You can find the app page for direct download for different devices below:

YouTube App on Google Play Store
YouTube App on iTunes
YouTube App on Windows App Store

STEP 4: Once ready to install, tap the Install button to start downloading and installing the YouTube app to your Android mobile device.

You can download the YouTube app for iPhone 7 from the iTunes store following similar steps.

After the installation, you can now start the YouTube app, log in to your account and start watching your favorite videos on your smartphone.

If you ever need to uninstall apps from your Android phone or tablet, you can check this tutorial that shows how to uninstall apps on Android. Note that, system default apps such as the YouTube app can't be uninstalled via this method.

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