6 Great Websites to Find Free ASP.NET Tutorials

In this post, I will make a list of high quality resources where you can find free tutorials and examples to learn ASP.NET programming.

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Even though it is not as popular as PHP, ASP.NET is also used by a large number of web developers and companies for building dynamic websites and web applications. It is true that one can find a lot more tutorials and resources for PHP but there are also some high quality websites where you can find helpful ASP.NET tutorials and tips.

Some web developers may find ASP.NET harder to master compared to PHP or other web programming languages; therefore, it may always help to go through various tutorials from different sources to learn the best practices. Remember that you will still need to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript in addition to ASP.NET while building your websites and applications. So, if you haven't started learning them yet, this is a good time to do so.

Now, let's start with our list of websites where you can find free ASP.NET tutorials.

List of Websites That Offer Free ASP.NET Tutorials

I will start the list with the official site of Microsoft, who is also the developer and maintainer of the ASP.NET framework.


6 Websites to Find Free ASP.NET Tutorials - 1

If you are just starting with ASP.NET, the official website, asp.net, is probably the place you should take your first steps at. Not only you can download ASP.NET and get some basic information with their "Get Started with ASP.NET" guide, but also you can find in-depth articles, tutorials and examples about ASP.NET web applications, MVC and web APIs.

Here is the link to ASP.NET.

2. W3Schools

6 Websites to Find Free ASP.NET Tutorials - 2

You probably already know about W3Schools, a popular web developer tutorials site. Their ASP.NET tutorials section has a large number of easy to follow tutorials with informative examples. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced ASP.NET developer, you will find W3Schools to be an indispensable resource.

Here is the link to W3Schools.

3. TutorialsPoint

6 Websites to Find Free ASP.NET Tutorials - 3

Our next site with high quality ASP.NET tutorials is TutorialsPoint, which is a growing web tutorials website that covers a wide range of topics. If you want a quick tutorial about ASP.NET to dive right into the development, you can start with their "ASP.NET Quick Guide".

Here is the link to TutorialsPoint.

4. Tutorialized

6 Websites to Find Free ASP.NET Tutorials - 4

Another nice website to find free ASP.NET tutorials is Tutorialized. Currently, they have over 400 ASP.NET related tutorials that cover a wide range of topics from MVC, Web APIs and MySQL. Going through all (or even a fraction of) the tutorials at Tutorialized will certainly keep you busy and contribute to your ASP.NET knowledge positively.

Here is the link to Tutorialized.

5. ASP Alliance

6 Websites to Find Free ASP.NET Tutorials - 5

ASP Alliance is a tutorial repository where many authors publish web related tutorials on a number of topics. In their ASP.NET category, you can find hundreds of detailed tutorials that go over very specific topics that you may not be able to find on any other site.

Here is the link to ASP Alliance.

6. ASP.NET Central

6 Websites to Find Free ASP.NET Tutorials - 6

The last website on our list, the aspnetentral.com is a free video tutorials website which provides video courses about ASP.NET, C# and Visual Studio. If you learn programming better by watching video tutorials, this website is just for you.

Here is the link to ASP.NET Central.

The above websites should provide you enough tutorials about ASP.NET to start with. I hope that you found this list to be useful and if you did, please share this post with other web developers that are new to ASP.NET.

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