Take Screenshots of Websites in Your Browser

You can easily take a screenshot of a web page you are viewing in your web browser and in this post I will demonstrate how to do that.

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In a previous post about the print screen button on keyboards, I explained how you can easily take screenshots of websites or web pages you are viewing in your browser with the press of a button. Although that method is quite easy and requires no additional software or add-on to be installed, I would like to mention one other method for taking a screenshot in a browser, which is to add an add-on or extension that enables taking screenshots.

I will use Firefox to demonstrate this method but know that most of the other popular browsers also support add-ons for this type of tasks.

Step 1: Open Firefox and go to Firefox menu on the upper left corner and click on Add-ons (or Ctrl + Shift + A).

Step 2: On the upper right corner, you will see a search box, type "screenshot" and press Enter. It will list a number of add-ons that take screenshots of web pages.


You can choose any of the add-ons as you wish. They all have more or less the same features but if you want to learn more about a specific add-on, click on the More link. There, you can see the homepage of the add-on, reviews about it and other details that will help you decide.

I personally use FireShot, which has all the features that I need. It has a free and paid (pro) version.

Step 3: Once you decide on which add-on to use, click Install button. After the download is complete, restart Firefox to complete installation and the add-on will be ready to use. Some add-ons like FireShot has a toolbar button that you can access easily.

FireShot menu

As you can see from the above image, FireShot has a lot of options such as capturing the visible area, selected area or the whole page. Once you capture the screenshot, you can do many things with it; edit, upload, save, print, e-mail etc. The good thing is that you can save your screenshot in all major image formats like .jpg, .png, .gif and .bmp as well as a PDF file.

I would like to hear your opinions as well if you are using other add-ons for taking screenshots of websites.

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