10 Cool Google Chrome Extensions for Web Users

Google Chrome offers countless extensions to its users in order to enhance their web browsing experience and to simplify some of their repetitive, daily tasks. In this post, we make a list of 10 great extensions for Chrome web browser.

Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers in the world, that offers great customizability with thousands of free browser themes and extensions. Some of these extensions are developed by Google but the majority of them are developed and maintained by third party browser extension developers who make those nice extensions (usually) freely available to the community.

The extensions for Chrome are listed on the Chrome Web Store at the following address:


You can visit the above link on Chrome browser, find any extensions that you want and install them with the click of a button. There are so many extensions in various categories such as accessibility, fun, news, weather, photos, shopping, social and sports that you will most probably have difficulty to decide on which ones to install. For this reason, we prepared a list of 10 cool Chrome extensions to give you some ideas, which improve your overall web browsing experience and make some of your online tasks easier.

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10 Nice-to-Have Chrome Extensions for General Use

Without a specific order, we list 10 great Chrome extensions you will most probably keep installed after giving them a try.

1. LastPass: Free Password Manager

10 Cool Google Chrome Extensions for Web Users - 1

LastPass is one of the most popular free password manager applications that is now available as a Chrome extension. With about 5 million users and mostly great reviews, LastPass is the password management extension you should give a try if you are involved with lots of passwords on websites and web services you are using and prefer to keep your passwords stored within a safe mechanism.

You can download and install LastPass: Free Password Manager extension here.

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2. Todoist: To-Do list and Task Manager

10 Cool Google Chrome Extensions for Web Users - 2

Todoist is a widely used extension to create and organize to-do lists from within your web browser. Definitely a nice feature to have if you work or spend a lot of your time on the web and prefer to keep nice and organized daily or weekly to-do lists in your browser. On Todoist, you can sync, backup and access your tasks across multiple platforms and collaborate with others on any device.

You can download and install Todoist: To-Do list and Task Manager extension here.

3. Google Mail Checker

10 Cool Google Chrome Extensions for Web Users - 3

Google Mail Checker is one of the most useful extensions if you are a Gmail (Google Mail) user. It is a pretty simple extension that adds a mail button to the browser toolbar, which displays the number of new emails in your Gmail inbox. You can use this same button to quickly access your emails.

You can download and install Google Mail Checker extension here.

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4. Google Dictionary

10 Cool Google Chrome Extensions for Web Users - 4

If you are browsing websites written in other languages frequently, Google Dictionary will be one of your best friends. It is a fantastic dictionary tool that will save you a lot of time while reading text from another language. It will not only add a toolbar button to quickly search word definitions but it will also display popup definitions in your selected language, when you double click on words.

You can download and install Google Dictionary extension here.

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5. Click & Clean

10 Cool Google Chrome Extensions for Web Users - 5

Click & Clean extension provides enhanced control over the web history, browser cache and cookies in your browser. If you are the type of web user who enjoys greater control over the web pages they visit and how their actions are logged, this extension is just for you. With Click & Clean, you can delete typed URLs, history, cookies, temporary files, saved data, passwords with extra options and even scan your PC for malware.

You can download and install Click & Clean extension here.

6. Honey

10 Cool Google Chrome Extensions for Web Users - 6

If you do frequent online shopping for any type of products and services, Honey is the first extension you should add after you install Chrome. Honey lists great deals and coupons from a large number of online stores and websites and helps you save money whenever you shop online.

You can download and install Honey extension here.

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7. StayFocusd

10 Cool Google Chrome Extensions for Web Users - 7

StayFocusd is the perfect extension for those who spend a lot of time on unproductive activities online and have difficulty focusing on important work or tasks that needs to be done. This extension will help you stay focused on the activities that you want or need to do by limiting your time spent on useless activities.

You can download and install StayFocusd extension here.

8. OneTab

10 Cool Google Chrome Extensions for Web Users - 8

If you are opening dozens of tabs simultaneously and you don't like how the title bar of the browser gets clustered with tabs or how the browser gets slower, OneTab will come to your aid. This extension lists all the pages that you open in new tabs in one single and easy to access page and hence, saves you considerable amount of memory usage in Chrome.

You can download and install OneTab extension here.

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9. Hola! - Unlimited Free VPN

10 Cool Google Chrome Extensions for Web Users - 9

Hola is a free unlimited VPN extension that you can use if you are having problems accessing websites from certain parts of the world. It is a free and secure proxy service without any ads. Once installed, simply activate it and continue your browsing without being interrupted (by those who are still living in the cave age).

You can download and install Hola! - Unlimited Free VPN extension here.

10. Photo Zoom for Facebook

10 Cool Google Chrome Extensions for Web Users - 10

If you don't like how small photos are displayed on Facebook, you can give Photo Zoom extension a try. It lets you zoom in and view photos on Facebook in a larger version. You can use it for photos on profile timelines as well as photo galleries.

You can download and install Photo Zoom for Facebook extension here.

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Hopefully, our list will give you some ideas about what types of extensions to use on Chrome. You can find many more useful Chrome extensions on the Chrome Web Store.

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