5 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Streamers

If you are an experienced streamer or just starting to stream online on websites like Twitch, knowing what useful tools the web browsers offer might be really helpful. In this post, we will take a detailed look at 5 nice Chrome extensions for streamers.

For a very long time, YouTube has been the main and most popular way of sharing and watching videos online. What YouTube didn't have or didn't focus on back then was introduced and became increasingly popular in the last couple of years by a number of live streaming websites including the king of all, Twitch.tv.

Twitch.tv is a great live streaming platform where you can quickly create an account and start streaming anything you want. Though it is used mostly by the video gaming community members who stream single-player PC games, online multiplayer games or eSports matches, you can also use it to stream whatever that comes to your mind (as long as you stay within their terms of use) including a tech tutorial, a cooking recipe or an art craft as you do it.

Though the scope of this post is not limited to Twitch only, since it has the most audience and the largest user base, naturally most of the browser extensions are built specifically for that website. We will now see 5 of the most useful Chrome extensions that would help you with your activities as a streamer. By the way, if you don't have Google Chrome installed on your computer, you can check this post to learn how to install it.

5 Chrome Extensions for Live Streamers

Our list starts with Twitch Now, one of the most popular Twitch extensions on Chrome Web Store.

1. Twitch Now

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Twitch Now is a quite handy extension with 5-star average rating, that helps you keep track of Twitch streams when you are not on the site. Twitch Now is nice to have for both streamers and viewers. It allows you to quickly check the streams and games that you follow, search games and best streams. It has a control panel with many options to customize your experience while using the extension. TwitchNow alerts you when one of the channels you are subscribed to or you follow starts streaming. It also has options for the notification sound and how the stream or the chat should open (fullscreen, in a new tab or window, etc.).

Here is the link to Twitch Now extension.

2. TwitchAlerts Stream Labels

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TwitchAlerts Stream Labels seems to have mixed reviews but from the look of the frequency of the updates it is receiving by the developer and the quality of the good reviews, we can safely recommend it for any streamer. The extension fulfills one of the major needs of most streamers by giving the ability to display text while you are streaming. It runs on the desktop and updates text files to be used in the stream. By specifying text templates, you can display static or scrolling text on your stream for things like a new follower, a new subscriber, donations, top donation and more. It supports some of the popular live streaming software like OBS and XSplit.

Here is the link to TwitchAlerts Stream Labels extension.

3. BetterTTV

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BetterTTV is another great extension (mostly 5-star reviews) for streamers and viewers that is used by hundreds of thousands of people. It is basically a Twitch enhancement tool that has many features and options for improving Twitch interface and customizing it as you like. Once installed, it is available from the chat options on Twitch. It not only adds a lot of options for the chat area, but it also hides featured channels, sends notifications when a stream goes live or someone messages you, adds cool emotes, changes the purple buttons to blue and some other customizations like that.

Here is the link to BetterTTV extension.

4. Twitch Giveaways

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If you have plans to become a long term streamer, running giveaways is a great way you should consider every now and then to attract more viewers and subscribers. Twitch Giveaways extension allows you to run giveaways by adding a giveaway system to Twitch chat. Twitch Giveaways works on embedded or popped out chat windows and it has controls for the giveaway such as an ignore list, timeouts, tooltips and a random selection button which selects an active viewer as the winner.

Here is the link to Twitch Giveaways extension.

5. What to Stream?

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What to Stream? is the final extension in our list, whose purpose is to give you ideas about what to stream when you are out of ideas. Any serious streamer should have a streaming content plan and should focus on one or multiple games to gain and keep viewership but it is also wise to not stick to one single game all the time and build all your channel around it because any game may find itself in the dust one day. This extension will give information about 100 currently streamed games and lists them by most viewers, least viewers and best viewer to channel ratios. Nice extension to have in your toolset if you are just beginning your streaming career or you are out of ideas about what to stream.

Here is the link to What to Stream? extension.

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I hope that this list of Chrome extensions for live streaming will be helpful to you in your future streams and help grow your channel.

Best luck with your stream channel!

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