Full List of Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

In this post, we will take a close look at all the keyboard shortcuts that you can use in Google Chrome browser to simplify some tasks.

If you are a Firefox user, you can also check the list of Firefox keyboard shortcuts.

Regardless of which software you are using, knowing the available shortcuts that you can use in times of need will help you a lot in speeding up and simplifying the tasks that you are doing on that software. Web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome have become among our mostly used software since the Internet started to take a major part of our daily activities.

Based on your operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux), there are certain keyboard shortcuts that are universal to all software. For example, in Windows platforms, Alt + F4 is the shortcut for closing a program and Ctrl + N is the shortcut for creating a new document in the program that is currently open.

In addition to the shortcuts commonly used by all programs in the operating system, most software programs also provide their own shortcuts to make it easier and faster for you to use the program. Web browsers are a good example to that. For example, if you are spending a lot of time browsing the Internet and using your web browser features frequently, it will be good to know the shortcuts for the actions your frequently do.

Now, let's see what keyboard shortcuts Google Chrome browser has for Windows operating systems.

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts List

Alt + F4Closes the browser.
Alt + Left ArrowBack, opens the previous page.
Alt + Right ArrowForward, opens the next page.
Ctrl + ASelects all visible elements on a web page or all the text in a text box.
Ctrl + CCopies the selected content to the clipboard.
Ctrl + DBookmarks the current page.
Ctrl + FOpens the Find box, same with F3.
Ctrl + HOpens the history. History page displays the web pages you previously visited.
Ctrl + JOpens the Downloads page.
Ctrl + NOpens a new browser window.
Ctrl + PPrints the page.
Ctrl + RReloads the page, same with F5.
Ctrl + SSaves the page or file that is open in the browser.
Ctrl + TOpens a new tab.
Ctrl + UDisplays the source code of the page.
Ctrl + VPastes the copied content.
Ctrl + WCloses the current tab. If there is only one tab open in the browser, closes the browser.
Ctrl + XCuts the selected content.
Ctrl + ZUndoes the last action you did in the browser.
Ctrl + Shift + BDisplays Bookmarks Bar.
Ctrl + Shift + DBookmarks all open pages.
Ctrl + Shift + DelOpens Clear browsing data window.
Ctrl + Shift + IInspect, opens the development console.
Ctrl + Shift + NOpens new private browsing (incognito) window.
Ctrl + Shift + OOpens Bookmarks page.
Ctrl + Shift + QExits chrome browser.
Ctrl + Shift + TReopens the last closed tab.
F1Opens Google Chrome's online help center page which you can find here.
F3Opens the Find box, where you can search for text on a web page.
F5Reloads the page.
F6Moves the cursor to the address bar, to help you quickly type the URL of the website you want to visit or the query you want to search for.
F11Changes the browser display to Full Screen. You can exit the full screen mode by pressing F11 again.
F12Opens development console.
Shift + EscOpens the Task Manager of Chrome.

This is a list of all the currently available Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts and if more becomes available in the future, I will keep this post updated.

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