How to Install Google Chrome Extensions

Web browser extensions add many new features to your browser and they enhance your overall web browsing experience in various ways. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to install extensions on Google Chrome.

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Whether you have just installed Chrome or you are a veteran Chrome user, installing some extensions to improve your online browsing, to simplify your repetitive tasks or to add features the browser doesn't have by default is always a good idea. With the help of extensions, you can add custom userstyles to some of your most visited websites, take website screenshots, create custom new tabs, perform office tasks, take notes, edit images and a lot more tasks that you wouldn't think would be possible on a browser.

Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome has recently become the number one web browser in terms of number of users compared to Firefox and Internet Explorer. This popularity also attracted a lot of developers to create and publish extensions for Chrome.

Chrome extensions are available for download on the Chrome Web Store. The majority of these extensions are freely available, but there are also some paid ones with certain features you may not be able to find in free extensions.

There are a number of extensions developed and maintained by Google such as Google Hangouts, Google Translate, Google Mail Checker, Google Dictionary or Page Analytics, but the bulk of the extension archive consists of extensions that are developed and contributed by third parties. You can find thousands and thousands of Chrome extensions in a number of categories such as accessibility, blogging, developer tools, fun, news, weather, photos, search tools, productivity, social and sports.

Our posts about web designer extensions, web developer extensions and streamer extensions may give you some ideas about what type of extensions you can find on the Chrome Web Store. Just keep in mind that although extensions meet a certain criteria to be accepted for being listed on the Chrome Web Store, it is still your responsibility to check the reviews of the extensions, check what information they will be using, and ensure they will be safe to use.

In another tutorial, we talked about how to install Chrome themes and now we continue with installing extensions.

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How to Install a Google Chrome Extension

The following steps will demonstrate how to open the Chrome Web Store and install an extension on Chrome.

STEP 1: Open Chrome browser and visit the following link to access Chrome Web Store:

This is the homepage of the Chrome Web Store where you can download apps, games, extensions and themes for Google Chrome.

STEP 2: Select Extensions from the left sidebar menu.

How to Install Google Chrome Extensions - 1

(Google Chrome and the Chrome logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission.)

You will see a list of featured and popular extensions to choose from or you can use the search box to search the store if you have a specific extension that you want to install.

STEP 3: Either scroll down on the Extensions page to find an extension that you would like to download, or use the search box to find a specific extension.

For demonstration purposes, we will install an extension that we found on the Extensions page. It is the Honey extension, which helps you automatically find and apply coupon codes while shopping online.

How to Install Google Chrome Extensions - 2

STEP 4: Click on the extension to open the extension details and installation page.

This page provides detailed information about the extension, when it was last updated, what information it uses on your browser, user reviews and support info.

How to Install Google Chrome Extensions - 3

TIP: Note that, you can download a Chrome extension only when you access the extension page using the Chrome browser.

STEP 5: Once you've reviewed the extension details page, click on the blue Add to Chrome button at the top right corner.

The extension will now be installed on your browser and you will be able to use it from this point forward. When they are installed, most extensions add a menu button where you can use the extension features or adjust its settings. You can also go to the following page on Chrome to control your extensions:


This concludes our tutorial about installing an extension on Google Chrome. It is now time for you to find some useful and interesting extensions.

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