How to Install Google Chrome

If you are looking for a modern web browser that's fast and secure, you should give Google Chrome a try. Installing Chrome browser takes just a couple of minutes and I will demonstrate how to do that in this tutorial.

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Before you start, make sure that you are connected to the Internet.

1. Open a web browser that is already installed on your computer (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox).

2. Type in the address bar and press Enter. You can also click this link to directly go to Google Chrome website.

How to Install Google Chrome - 1

3. Once the page loads, click the Download Chrome button to download the installer. If you are using OSX or Linux operating system, you can use the download links provided below that button.

How to Install Google Chrome - 2

You can also install Chrome browser in a different language if you want.

4. A popup window will appear displaying the Terms of Service and some options about the installation. If you want to set Google Chrome as your default browser, select that option. Also if you want to send crash reports and usage statistics to Google, select that option.

How to Install Google Chrome - 3

Once you are done with reading the terms and setting the options as you prefer, click the Accept and Install button.

5. Another popup window will appear. Click Save File to save the setup file on your computer.

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6. Once it is saved on your computer, double click on the setup file, ChromeSetup.exe.

How to Install Google Chrome - 5

The installer will start downloading and installing Chrome. This may take a couple of minutes depending on your connection speed.

How to Install Google Chrome - 6

(Google, Google logo and Chrome are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission.)

When the installation is complete, a shortcut to Chrome will be placed on your desktop and the browser will start automatically.

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