How to Uninstall Google Chrome Extensions

If you have a problematic extension on your Chrome browser that's causing issues or that is installed out of your consent, you can easily uninstall it. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to uninstall Chrome extensions in simple steps.

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As the most popular web browser in the world, Chrome allows users to customize how their browser looks by installing themes and to add new features by installing extensions. A huge repository of themes and extensions can be found on Chrome Web Store and they can be easily installed on your browser within a couple of seconds.

When you first install Google Chrome, it comes with a number of extensions that are installed by default such as Google Docs, Google Drive and Gmail. If you have no plans for using them, you may remove them or just keep them and add new extensions as you need in time.

Browser extensions are often quite useful for performing many repetitive tasks, connecting with websites and other applications, hence saving you a lot of time. However, there are also times when you may need to remove them for a number of reasons. For example some not-so-useful or harmful type of extensions or the ones that were not updated by their developers for a very long time are good candidates for removal. It is also possible that you just found a better extension that handles the same task more efficiently, hence you want to uninstall the old one.

Whatever your reason for uninstalling a Chrome extension is, luckily it usually takes just a couple of clicks.

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In another post, we talked about how to uninstall Chrome themes to help you easily remove a theme that you no longer want to see when you open your web browser. Now, we will talk about how to uninstall Chrome extensions.

How to Uninstall Extensions on Chrome Browser

Before uninstalling any extension, keep in mind that doing so will also remove any settings, files and other data that the extension might have created and stored. If you have any such important files or data, make sure you back up them before proceeding.

STEP 1: Open Chrome browser on your computer by using its shortcut.

STEP 2: Click the Customize and control Google Chrome menu button at the top right corner (icon with three horizontal lines), and then click Settings option from the dropdown menu.

How to Uninstall Google Chrome Extensions - 1

STEP 3: On the Settings page, select Extensions from the left menu to open the extensions page.

How to Uninstall Google Chrome Extensions - 2

You can also open the Extensions page by typing the following into the address bar and pressing Enter:


On the Extensions page, find the extension(s) that you want to uninstall.

You can check the Options page of the extension to make sure it doesn't have any important information you would like to back up.

How to Uninstall Google Chrome Extensions - 3

STEP 4: Click on the Remove from Chrome button, which has a trash bin icon on the right side of the extension name.

A confirmation box will pop up.

STEP 5: On the Confirm Removal popup box, click Remove button to uninstall the extension. If that was a harmful extension which was spreading malware or gathering personal information without your consent, you can also check Report abuse checkbox to report it.

This will uninstall the selected extension from your browser. If you need to uninstall multiple extensions, you can follow Steps 4-5 for each of them.

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If uninstalling extensions doesn't solve your browser issues, you can try uninstalling Chrome and make a fresh install. Just don't forget to export your bookmarks before the uninstallation if you don't want to lose your bookmarks.

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