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Here is a great CSS tutorials website with some nice examples which you can access freely.

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I have been involved with styling with CSS to some extent for the last couple of years but I never took the time to grab some comprehensive resources about CSS to learn everything from the beginning so that I could better understand how things work. For that reason, I did a quick search about free CSS resources such as websites, ebooks, tutorials and videos. Luckily, I was able to find many great resources and most of them were freely available.

In the following months, I will be going over the resources that I found, to sharpen my CSS skills and I am planning to share what I learn with you on this site. Another reason for me to write down all the important points is that I will be able to refer back to them whenever I need to and so you can. Kind of building a self-reference.

I want to start my CSS posts series with a really nice website called CSS Basics. It is a web project from Splashpress Media and written by Ben Partch.

CSS Basics

CSS Basics

CSSBasics.com currently hosts 18 chapters of introductory information from CSS syntax to pseudo elements. The chapters are available to read on the website but if you prefer to download them as an ebook and read while you are offline as well, they also have a PDF version here:


And the best part is that it is totally free. I love free resources and I am sure everyone does too.

It is really nice to have people who give back to the community and share their knowledge and expertise in the fields of coding and web design. I owe all my knowledge about web design and development to the free resources that I found on the web such as this one.

I downloaded CSS Basics tutorials as a PDF file and I will go over it in the following days. I will take notes as I do that and share them with you in the future posts.

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