Two Things You Should Know Before You Start Working with CSS

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There are two important things that you should be aware of while working with CSS and we will talk about them in this post.

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The most important thing you should always keep in your mind while designing and styling your web pages is the user. When you create a web page, you should do it for the user and not for yourself. You should always ask yourself how the user will access and view your web pages and design them accordingly.

Below, we will talk about two important points you should pay attention to while designing your web pages.

1. Give the User an Option to Change the Style by Using an External Stylesheet

We talked about the benefits of using external style sheets in this post but there is more to it.

An external style sheet gives your visitor the option to disable the style sheet or change the style of the web page as they wish as they are viewing it in their browser. This may not sound like an important thing at first thought; though, when you think about disabled people and advanced internet users this will make sense.

Disabled people may have their own preferred style settings that they want to use on websites and advanced users may modify the style of a website to better suit their needs, that is without making permanent changes on the website of course.

Therefore, by using external style sheets, you can cater to the needs of more of your visitors.

2. Not All the Browsers Display Style the Same Way

If you are involved with CSS in a way, you may already be familiar with browser compatibility. You might have spent countless hours trying to solve compatibility issues and make a website look the same in all major web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.

There are many more web browsers you could add to the list and all have different features. And now, tablet and mobile browsers are also added to the picture that make things even more complicated.

In short, trying to fit a website to all available browsers and their different versions might become the worst nightmare of a web designer. But, you should at least try to fit your design to the recent versions of the most popular browsers.

If you are not testing your designs on more than at least one browser, then you should expect to have many issues with other browsers especially if your website is a large and complex one. Web browser providers are trying their best to keep up to date with the latest advancements in web design standards for HTML and CSS, that's why they are releasing newer versions frequently. But you should never forget that there are many users who use the previous versions of browsers and most probably they will never update them. Don't get surprised to see Internet Explorer 1.0 or Firefox 1.0 in your logs when you check the traffic stats of your website.

You are free to design for the latest browser versions, but keep in mind that not all the visitors will have the latest versions installed on their computers and your website might look different to them. If there will be no problem with the functionality, you don't need to bother to fit your design to all the older browsers as long as your site is accessible and viewable.

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