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If you are a frequent registrar of domain names, you may want to speed up your domain research process with the help of the following tools.

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When you come up with a great domain name idea for your website, the first thing you will need to do is to check whether that domain is already registered by someone else or not. One thing you can do is to go to a domain registrar's domain search page and see if it is available. Some registrars do a nice job with the features they provide for searching domain name availability; however, they may not always be as fast as you want and may lack features especially if you need to do frequent or bulk domain searches.

What you can do alternatively is to go to domain name checker websites built specifically for this purpose that display results very quickly and usually have enhanced features than the registrars. Below is a list of websites that offer simple and fast domain name checking.

Instant Domain Search

This is a website with a very simple interface that allows you to do your domain searches instantly, like in a Google instant search. As you type your domain words in the search box, the results instantly display the status of top level domains (TLD) attached to that words, whether they are registered or not. It also displays a number of domain name suggestions, which you may find helpful in case the domain name you wanted is already taken.

If you are interested in buying registered domain names, which is handy when you are starting a new brand and the domain you desired is taken but not actively used, you can also check the related domains for sale. Another useful feature of this site is that it provides a WHOIS link for the registered domains, in case you need to contact the owner of a domain.


This website is not as fast as Instant Domain Search but it has some nice features too. Other than its almost instant domain search, it provides a link to the website if the domain is registered and a link to its WHOIS page. It also suggests some domain ideas including non-TLD extensions.


Domainr is a fast domain name checker website with a very simple interface that lists information about a number of relevant domains, whether they are available, taken or for sale.


This is another useful website which provides many options to fine-tune your domain research such as selecting which extensions you want to look up, selecting domain registrars to display pricing. Its advanced search feature allows you to search for the synonyms of the words you enter and to search multiple words at the same time. If you are interested in premium domains, you can use its premium search page to find premium domains related to your search word that are listed for sale.

There are more websites that provide domain availability search functionality but these are among the most popular ones. Hopefully, you will find these domain name checker tools helpful in your domain name research.

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