4 Ad-Free Web Based Email Account Providers

Ads are crucial for the healthy continuation of free web services but sometimes they may get quite annoying. In this post, I will list a number of ad-free web based email services that you can create a free webmail account with.

In another post, I made a list of 5 of the best free web based email account providers where you can create a free email account and use for either personal or business purposes for as long as you want. One thing all those services have in common is that they display advertisements on their inbox.

Ads are not evil, we need ads to learn about our alternatives for a product and service we are looking for, likewise businesses need ads to market their products and services to consumers. So, there is nothing wrong for websites and web services such as free email account providers to display ads. However, overuse of ads may lead to annoyance and sometimes you may just wish no ads were displayed in your inbox.

I myself am not annoyed by ads of any type or shape because I am a marketer too as well as a web developer, which means I usually study the ads I see and try to learn from them. But everyone may have different preferences and you may want not to see any ads while accessing your email account.

If you want an inbox free of ads, if you want an ad-free experience while reading or compiling your emails, you can consider the following free options before thinking about paying for the removal of ads on the services you are already using.

Ad-Free Email Account Providers

I will start the list with the most popular one, Zoho Mail.

1. Zoho Mail

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Zoho Mail provides email hosting for businesses and individuals. You can have an ad-free business or personal email account on Zoho. The personal version is free to use and if you don't have a budget to pay for a premium version, it will most probably suit your needs.

The free email account Zoho provides has a 5GB mailbox and an additional 5GB documents storage. It allows you to add your own domain name to use with your email and also it offers free website builder and online office apps in case you need.

You can learn more about Zoho Mail here.

2. Hushmail

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Hushmail is another free, ad-free email account provider with enhanced email security. It uses encryption and two-step verification to keep your email and data safe. If you need additional security for your emails, Hushmail will be a good choice.

The free version of Hushmail is rather limited. It has 25MB storage and requires you to sign in at least once every three weeks in order to keep your account active. If that works for you, you should give it a try, otherwise, you can also consider their paid options.

You can learn more about Hushmail here.

3. ProtonMail

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Another alternative you can consider is ProtonMail, a secure email communications provider based in Switzerland. ProtonMail focuses on security and privacy of your email account by providing a 100% free email account with an easy to use dashboard with a modern design.

ProtonMail is open-source, a good thing for those who are interested in contributing to open-source webmail applications. It also has Android and iOS mobile apps that you can use to easily access your email from your mobile devices.

You can learn more about ProtonMail here.

4. Tutanota

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Tutanota is another open-source webmail service that offers a free to use encrypted mailbox which is also available on Android and iOS devices. Their enhanced encryption technology allows the emails, attachments and even contacts to be encrypted and stay private.

Their free account has 1GB storage and it uses the tutanota domain. If you would like to use your own domain, e.g. myemail@example.com, or add inbox rules and make customizations, you can consider their paid option.

You can learn more about Tutanota here.

These are the webmail account providers with no-ads that provide totally free email accounts that I was able to find during my research. If you can spare a little bit budget for an email account with no ads, you can also consider the following options.

Other Ad-Free Email Account Options

Most domain registrars and hosting providers offer free webmail accounts too. If you have domain name of your own and your domain registrar or hosting provider allows you to use a free email account, you can do so. This is a nice option for those who have their own websites. If you don't have a domain or website, you can consider upgrading your free account at your favorite email service (e.g. Yahoo, Outlook, Mail.com etc.) to disable ads.

Following is a list of pages where you can get more information about upgrading options for those services:

- Yahoo Ad Free Mail
- Ad-free Outlook.com
- Mail.com Premium Account
- Lycos Mail Plus

I hope that this post will help you find the best ad-free web based email service for your email account. If you liked this post, I will appreciate if you share it.

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