Facebook Search by Name and City: How Does It Work?

Social media websites are great tools when it comes to searching and finding people online, since many people usually have profiles on one or more social networking sites. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to find people online using Facebook search by name and city.

Sometimes, even the best search engine may not help you much with finding a person you are looking for. As if that person has no online presence at all, or there are many individuals with the same name and surname combination that you have difficulty finding the correct person. In such times, social media sites come to our help for searching people online. As an example, Facebook, being the largest and most popular social network in the world, has a high chance to have profiles of the people you might be looking for.

With over a billion accounts on their database, Facebook is one of the first places you should start your people search with. While you can't view private profiles with all their details, you can still find a person, see their name, their profile picture, cover photo, their profile information, photos and timeline posts to the extent they allowed the public to see it.

You can search people on Facebook in a number of ways. For example, you can search people by city if you have a specific city you would like to conduct your search in. You can search people by email, if you know their email address, which must be the one they used while creating their Facebook account. Another method for finding people on Facebook is to search by state, if you want to start your search with a certain state.

If you know the name (first name or full name) of the person you want to look for, as well as the city they are living in, that will surely simplify your search and increase the chances of finding that person, assuming they have a profile on Facebook. The second part of this post will show you how to use the Facebook search to find people by their name and city info.

How to Search People on Facebook by Name and City

When searching for someone on Facebook, don't worry whether they can see that you viewed their profile or not, because they can't. Still, if you prefer full privacy, you can delete your search history or disable it permanently (this feature is currently not available). Or, you can simply search Facebook without logging in and then clear your browser history if you want to leave no tracks at all.

Now, let's see how this all works.

STEP 1: Log in to your Facebook account: facebook.com

You will see a search box that says Find friends on the top navigation bar. This is what we will be using for performing our searches on Facebook.

Facebook Search by Name and City: How Does It Work? - 1

You can try entering some names into this search box and hitting the search button (first name only or first name and surname), but as you will notice, the search results will list lots of people with the exact same name, unless the person you are looking for has a very unique name. This is why we will use the city to narrow down our search to only to people with a certain name and who live in that city.

STEP 2: Let's say the name of the person to be searched is "John Smith" (just a random name) and the city he lives in is Chicago (just a random city). Simply enter the following query into the search box and press the Search button.

people named "John Smith" who live in Chicago

Facebook Search by Name and City: How Does It Work? - 2

Once the search is done, the people who are named as John Smith and who live in Chicago will be listed in the search results. You can now see all those people by clicking the See All button at the bottom of the People search list, and find the person you are looking for by checking their profile picture and further profile details.

Facebook Search by Name and City: How Does It Work? - 3

You can do a couple of things to further narrow down your search. For example, you can add the state or country info to your query, if there are multiple cities with the same name. In that case, you will use something like the following:

people named "John Smith" who live in Chicago, Illinois

Secondly, you can add gender to your search query to filter out more results. The following query will find men who are named John Smith and who live in Houston.

men named "John Smith" who live in Houston

For searching women, use the word women instead of men.

Finally, if the person you are looking for moved to another city (which you don't know) and not currently living in the city that you know him to be once living in, you can use the past tense lived in your query like the following:

people named "John Smith" who lived in Houston

This will list all the people named John Smith who once lived in Houston, that is if they made their previous city information publicly available.

This concludes our tutorial about Facebook search by name and city. Hopefully, we gave you some ideas to fine tune your search and find the people you are looking for.

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