Full List of Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

You can perform some of the frequent actions you do while using Facebook with the help of keyboard shortcuts. In this post, I will provide a detailed list of keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) to help you use Facebook more efficiently.

If you have a good knowledge of the keyboard shortcuts of the platform that you are using, be it a software or a website, you can carry out your activities much more efficiently and save a lot of time in the long term. In addition to some global keyboard shortcuts, which may show difference between operating systems, that are common in all applications and websites such as Ctrl + N for creating a new document/copy/instance and Ctrl + S for saving the open document/page, various software such as web browsers and specific websites may have their own unique set of hotkeys to simplify how users interact with their system.

While browsing the web, including checking Facebook in your web browser, you can use many Chrome hotkeys if you are a Google Chrome browser user, or Firefox hotkeys if you are a Mozilla Firefox browser user. Besides the built-in browser shortcuts, you can also use website specified shortcuts and access keys that will work only on that specific website. This is actually a great feature to have especially for those who prefer to use a keyboard over a mouse or who need to use the keyboard for any reason while browsing websites online.

Like many other sites, Facebook also offers a number of keyboard shortcuts and access keys that users can utilize during their Facebook sessions. These shortcuts help the user easily navigate the site, interact with main features and perform searches.

Now, let's see what keyboard shortcuts and access keys Facebook has to offer:

Facebook Keyboard Access Keys List

The following is a full list of the access keys you can use on Facebook to go to a certain page/section of the site.

Access KeyTarget
0Opens the Help page.
1Opens the Homepage.
2Opens your Timeline.
3Opens your Friends page.
4Opens your Inbox.
6Opens Settings page.
7Displays Activity Log.
8Opens About page.
9Opens Terms page.

Note that the above access keys are not functional as they are. You will need to activate access keys using a certain key combination based on the operating system and web browser you are using. You will need to add the above access keys to the following key combinations and press them all at the same time:

OS: BrowserKeys
PC: ChromeAlt + access key
PC: FirefoxShift + Alt + access key
PC: Internet ExplorerAlt + access key, Enter
Mac: Chrome, Firefox, SafariCtrl + Opt + access key

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts List

The following is a full list of keyboard shortcuts you can use on Facebook to simplify some tasks. The first section displays shortcuts that can be used while on News Feed:

/Perform a search.
?Display list of keyboard shortcuts for reference.
CMake a comment on a story.
EnterSee further details of a story.
J and KSelect next or previous story.
LLike or Unlike a story.
OOpen the attachment from a story.
PPost a status.
QSearch chat contacts.
SShare a story.

TIP: If you need help with your searches, you can check these two tutorials about searching people by city and searching people by email on Facebook.

The second section displays shortcuts that can be used while on the web messenger:

Ctrl + GSearch conversations.
Ctrl + DelDelete conversation or send to archive.
Ctrl + JMark message as spam.
Ctrl + IGo to inbox.
Ctrl + MStart composing a new message.
Ctrl + QDisplay or hide keyboard shortcuts.
Ctrl + UOpen Other message box.

Note that the above keys may change in time due to various reasons including browser updates or Facebook changes. For a most up-to-date list of Facebook shortcuts, you can visit this link.

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