How to Delete Facebook Search History

In this tutorial, I will show you how to easily delete your Facebook search history.

In a recent tutorial, I talked about how you can search people by city on Facebook, which was aimed to help you find the people you are looking for. Now is the time to talk about how you can clear your search history in Facebook after you are done with your searches.

One of the biggest concerns of any educated Internet user is to their privacy. We do our best to protect our online privacy, to the extent the technical capabilities of the tools and websites permit us to do so but still we hear privacy breaches here and there, even by some of the most popular websites and services.

Unless it's a personal choice, nobody really wants their activities on the websites they visit, on the online services they use to be tracked, to be kept logged and made available -without their consent- to the public or to any third party, unless required by laws.

Some of the websites that the average Internet user spends their most time on such as Facebook, provide options to control how their services affect privacy. If you are a knowledgeable Facebook user, you are most probably already aware of these options and you have a good command over protecting your privacy on Facebook. However, the case is different for the unknowledgeable users; they may be unknowingly doing things and leaving tracks that they want nobody to know, even someone who they have given permission to access their account.

How Facebook Search History Works

Whenever you use the Search box in your Facebook account, the queries you used in your searches will be logged in your account's Search History page.

How to Delete Facebook Search History - 1

Facebook keeps track of these search queries in the search history so that you can refer to them in the future in case you need, but Facebook also uses them to tailor the results in your future searches, even displaying the people with a similar name you had searched before at the top positions of the live search results.

In general, this feature is very handy; it helps you keep track of your searches and provides more relevant results when you search for the same people again. Also your search history is only available to you, it's only visible when you are logged in to your account.

However, we all know that we do look up people every once in a while that we wouldn't want others to know that we looked them up. I mean, who doesn't? Anyway, in such cases, you would wish your searches not to be logged in the search history so that anyone who may have access to your account or anyone who is near you while you are checking your account and doing new searches wouldn't have an idea about your past searches.

How to Delete Your Facebook Search History in Simple Steps

Once you have done at least one search using the search box in Facebook, the next time you bring the cursor to the search box, it will display a list of your previous searches like the following image demonstrates:

How to Delete Facebook Search History - 2

Step 1: At the top right corner of this dropdown menu that shows the recent searches, you will see an Edit link. Click on it and it will open a page where you can see all your search history, grouped by months.

Step 2: At the top right corner of this Search History page, you will see a Clear Searches button. If you want to clear all your search history, you can click this button. If you want to delete specific search queries from your history, you can use the Edit button for each query and delete them one by one.

How to Delete Facebook Search History - 3

Any changes you make here will require a page refresh on to take affect on your next searches. So, if you don't refresh the page, Facebook will continue to display your recent searches when you start typing a query in the search box.

This is how you can easily delete your Facebook search history and I hope that this will save you from some unwanted troubles. Please share it with your friends as they may need to know about this feature too.

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