How to Permanently Disable Facebook Search History

In this post, I will talk about if permanently disabling your Facebook search history in your activity log is possible or not.

"How do I disable my Facebook search history permanently?"

I have heard this question being asked many times, hence I decided to write a brief post to provide a definitive answer to it so that you won't keep searching further.

In a recent tutorial, I talked about how to delete Facebook search history from your activity log in two simple steps. As demonstrated in that tutorial, clearing your search history is pretty simple. But how about totally getting rid of the search history logging, wouldn't it be nice to have such an option?

How to Permanently Disable Facebook Search History

Some users may prefer to keep their searches being logged so that it will make their future searches easier. However, there are also some users who may prefer their searches not to be tracked at all, due to privacy concerns. There may be occasions when you actually don't want your searches to be logged but you forget to clear your search history once you are done searching.

This is where a "Disable Search History" feature would help very much, but unfortunately there is no such feature in Facebook. Yes, you heard it right:

You can't permanently disable your Facebook search history.

At least it is not possible as of now. As also explained on this official support page of Facebook, you only have the option to clear the entries in your search history (one by one or by clear all button). You don't have the option to stop your search queries being logged.

So, your next best option is to remember to delete your search history, which keeps track of all the search queries that you enter into the search box in the top navigation bar, whenever you conduct a search that you don't want to be logged.

Some other popular websites such as Google, Yahoo and YouTube provide such a feature for their users, which I think should be there by default for any type of service that is providing some sort of search. So, I have to say that it is a bit disappointing for Facebook not to have this feature.

If Facebook ever implements the ability to permanently disable search history, and I think they really should, I will either update this post or add a new post to explain how it is done. Till that time, we will have to live with manually deleting our search histories.

If you also think that Facebook should have this feature, please share this post with your friends to increase awareness and also make sure that you send feedback to Facebook to add a feature to permanently delete the search history.

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