Is it Possible to View Private Facebook Profiles?

If you don't want to fall victim to a scam about viewing private Facebook profiles, you should read this post carefully.

So, is it really possible to view private profiles on Facebook?


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If it was, Facebook wouldn't have been such a safe place, right? There is one reason for me to write this post and that is to tell you the truth:

You cannot view private Facebook profiles in any way.

Even if you could, you shouldn't.

If you have a Facebook profile and have been using it for connecting with your friends and family, most probably at one point you wished that you could view profiles of people that you are not friend of. Mostly out of curiosity and mostly out of fun. This is an innocent desire and totally understandable, I wished that at certain times either. And although I believed something like that wouldn't be possible, I made a lot of search about this to make sure and close the case. Now I know that it is impossible to access private Facebook profiles without the permission of that person and you should know this too. However, not many Facebook users have a clear idea about this and they think that it is possible to view private Facebook profiles if they follow some steps they find here or there on the internet.

It is highly possible that you are also aware of the buzz about viewing private Facebook profiles, many websites that give fake information about this topic, groups and pages which promise to give you access to private profiles etc. Even now, with a simple search on Google, I was able to find more than a dozen sites that try to cheat people and make them believe that they could view private profiles. I guess by believing in such shady claims, many people are losing their accounts or their personal information is being shared every single day. There will always be such bad people on the web and that's why you should keep your eyes open and pay great attention to protecting your web presence and privacy. No matter how persuasive their offers are, do not fall into their traps. They are offering you access to private Facebook profiles but in truth, they are only interested in either your account information or some shady financial benefits by forcing you to complete some offers.

Here I am telling you once more:

You cannot view private Facebook profiles.

Unless you become friends with them. Honestly, if you are interested in somebody and want to learn more about him/her that much, why don't you just send a friendship request with a short message? Most of the times, if you are honestly interested in being friends with that person, they will accept your request. Then you can check their profile as you wish.

In conclusion, you shouldn't try to get access to things that you are not allowed to see and you shouldn't look for a way to view private Facebook profiles. Because you will most probably lose your account.

I believe this is a very important issue and please let all your friends know about this.

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