Stay Away from “Who Viewed Me on Facebook” Type of Apps

You most probably care about protecting your personal Facebook account as much as the next person who uses Facebook actively to connect and communicate with their friends all the time. Pay close attention to what we will talk about in this post as it might actually save your Facebook account from getting stolen.

Facebook is one of the most visited websites in the world and this makes it a highly lucrative target for all types of spammers, scammers and account and identity thieves. Use it without paying much attention to your account security and you may lose it in a matter of time. Though Facebook is evolving in terms of account security technologies and systems they are using, so the ill-purposed webmasters who are seeking holes in the system and targeting unknowledgeable users, to do their dirty job.

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What is a “Who Viewed Me on Facebook” App?

Since the very beginning (to our best knowledge), Facebook never openly provided or made available via an API, the information about who viewed a profile on their system. Though that information is available to Facebook and probably it is stored on their database, it was never made public.

What that means is that unlike some other social networks such as LinkedIn where everybody can see who viewed their profile (unless the viewer does it in privacy mode), when another Facebook user views your profile page, the viewer will not be logged in any of your account activity pages, hence you will not be able to know who viewed your profile.

Stay Away from “Who Viewed Me on Facebook” Type of Apps

Knowing that, "smart" tech people with bad intentions have been using this to lure people who seek answers to questions like

"who viewed me on Facebook?"
"who viewed my Facebook profile?"
"can I see who viewed my profile on Facebook?"

and by using some websites, web applications or mobile apps, to either hack their account or steal their login details. In the most innocent form, to obtain undeserved financial gains, without doing you any harm other than wasting your precious time.

This is why and how things like who viewed me on Facebook app and who viewed my Facebook profile app popped up. The rest of this post will explain why you should stay away from them.

Why You Should Stay Away from “Who Viewed Me on Facebook” Apps?

As it is also made crystal clear with a big "No" on this Facebook support article, there is no way for you to keep track of who viewed your profile, your timeline, your posts or your photos. Facebook neither provides that information from within their user interface, nor they make it available to any third party application.

Hoping that reading the information on the above link will help you quit your neverending research to find a secret or magic way for finding out who views your profile, we will add a couple of points just to convince you to avoid using such apps and ensure your account's security.

Just think for a moment. Do you really think a third party app (that app can be a mobile app, a web app or even an app that is hosted on Facebook) can do what Facebook has not provided a way to do? No, it can't. Nobody can. There are a couple of goals of those who create such apps, such as making easy profits, hacking into your Facebook account or stealing your username and password. As you see, none of those goals is related to helping you with what you seek.

In summary, using such an app will only cause you problems and you may even lose your Facebook account forever. Therefore, you should stay away from any app or website that claims that it will show you who viewed your profile if you do this and that, if you click this link, if you like that post, if you complete this offer etc. etc. Note that, this advice is not only valid for Facebook but it is also valid for any other social media site or mobile app that you use with an account.

If you have used any such app or service before and haven't lost your account yet, you are one of the lucky few but you should still change your Facebook account password immediately as a security measure. It will also be good to reset your email password, that is, if you use an email address to log in to Facebook (see how to choose a secure password). If you are accessing your Facebook account from your web browser, delete your browser history and remove any suspicious extensions you may have installed on your browser. If you have any such app installed on your phone or tablet, uninstall them from your device immediately.

Whenever you come across this claim of showing you who viewed your profile, remember this post, also share this post with your friends so that you will have helped them stop their search and possibly saved their account.

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