12 Great Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers

Firefox is one of the best browsers to use while building websites and developing web applications, due to its sheer amount of built-in web developer tools and free add-ons that simplify some of the most frequently needed tasks during development and testing. In this post, we take a detailed look at 12 useful web developer add-ons for Firefox.

While designing and developing a website or web application, the web browser you use for previewing and testing your layouts and scripts is as important as the web design and development tools that you use. While Firefox is a really nice web browser for your daily online browsing needs, it is also possibly the best browser for use in web design and development process.

Firefox comes with over a dozen of highly useful built-in web developer tools that will make your life easier as a developer. But it doesn't stay there, the huge archive of Firefox web developer add-ons make Firefox an even more powerful web browser and an ideal choice of developers.

You can install addons easily by visiting the Add-ons for Firefox page or entering about:addons into your address bar and start searching for add-ons while you are on a Firefox window. The good thing about Firefox addons is that they are free and most of them are frequently updated and kept up to date to work with the latest Firefox version.

You will find a wide selection of web design and development related addons on Firefox add-ons archive for various tasks. We prepared the following list of web developer addons to give you some ideas.

Firefox Web Developer Add-ons

Here are 12 great Firefox addons that you should know about as a web developer as they might end up being among your most frequently used addons.

1. Firebug

12 Great Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers - 1

Firebug is one of the most popular web developer addons for Firefox. It is used by about 3 million users and it has received some great reviews. Firebug adds lots of handy web development tools to Firefox to help with your development tasks while browsing other websites or previewing your own designs. It is kind of an enhanced version of the Inspect Element tool, that allows you to edit and debug web pages' HTML, CSS or JS code live.

You can download and install Firebug addon here.

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2. Greasemonkey

12 Great Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers - 2

Greasemonkey is a highly popular user script manager add-on for Firefox that allows you to customize how websites and scripts on them work with the help of JavaScript. With Greasemonkey, you can make the web pages you visit behave exactly the way you want and get rid of annoyances such as pop ups, auto-starting video and audio files or forced redirects. This addon is especially useful while visiting websites that are full of bad web design practices. It is also a nice tool to have for creating test environments for your scripts and previewing them.

You can download and install Greasemonkey addon here.

3. iMacros for Firefox

12 Great Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers - 3

iMacros is one of the most popular web and browser automation tools. iMacros for Firefox is a macro addon that will help you save a lot of time with your repeated tasks. It allows you to automate some common tasks on Firefox by recording and running macros on any web page of your choice. Instead of manually performing all your tasks, with iMacros, you will be able to automatically open same sites, fill forms, log in to your accounts, download files and extract important information from various data sources.

You can download and install iMacros for Firefox addon here.

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4. Stylish

12 Great Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers - 4

One of the most common features a web designer or developer may need is changing the style of websites. Stylish addon allows you to change CSS styles of websites with the help of custom userstyles. Using Stylish, you can temporarily restyle your most frequently visited websites as well as the web projects you are working on. You can save userstyles to affect all domains or specific domains as you wish.

You can download and install Stylish addon here.

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5. Web Developer

12 Great Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers - 5

Web Developer is another widely used Firefox addon that adds many handy developer tools to your browser. It gives enhanced control over how the browser displays web pages with a number of options related to CSS, Images, Forms and more. This addon is kind of an enhancement to the built-in web developer tools in Firefox and when you get used to it, it will start to feel just like a natural extension to the browser.

You can download and install Web Developer addon here.

6. FireFTP

12 Great Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers - 6

FireFTP is a quite useful file transfer addon for Firefox. It works similar to a stand-alone FTP client and it simplifies your task of uploading and downloading files to or from your website via FTP. It provides a free, simple and secure cross-browser FTP platform to access FTP and SFTP servers from within the browser without needing to open an additional software to do the file transfer.

You can download and install FireFTP addon here.

7. YSlow

12 Great Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers - 7

YSlow is the extension that you will be frequently using while measuring your page loading speeds and overall website performance. YSlow not only analyzes web pages and displays statistical information that will help you make adjustments on your pages but it also makes suggestions for enhancements and improvements in your website performance. Its grading system gives a quick clue about how well a page is optimized when you test it.

You can download and install YSlow addon here.

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8. ColorZilla

12 Great Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers - 8

If you are working with colors frequently, ColorZilla might become your close friend as it will offer its assistance in a number of color related tasks. It comes with a color picker, eyedropper, gradient generator and other color tools. With ColorZilla, you can get the color of any pixel on your browser screen, and use its HTML code in your own designs. You can also use the palette browser to find matching colors and color sets to get inspiration.

You can download and install ColorZilla addon here.

9. User Agent Switcher

12 Great Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers - 9

While not directly related to the development process itself, the User Agent Switcher Firefox addon will help a lot when it comes to testing and previewing your layouts and scripts. User Agent Switcher, as its name implies, switches user agents on your browser and cause the browser to behave like the specified browser while viewing certain web pages. If you are building websites and web applications for various screen sizes, this is an addon you would like to have in your toolset.

You can download and install User Agent Switcher addon here.

10. Live HTTP Headers

12 Great Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers - 10

You will find Live HTTP Headers to be a quite useful addon while testing your web pages and checking what type of HTTP headers they send to the client. You may need to learn about HTTP headers when you stumble upon website errors or while processing tasks with no visual feedback, this addon will help you in such situations.

You can download and install Live HTTP Headers addon here.

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11. DOM Inspector

12 Great Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers - 11

DOM Inspector addon basically does what the Inspect Element tool does but in an improved way and with more controls. With Dom Inspector, you can inspect the elements on a web page, view their HTML, CSS and related JS code, edit them in real time and preview the results. Highly useful addon for grasping a better understanding of how each node on web documents are structured.

You can download and install DOM Inspector addon here.

12. Session Manager

12 Great Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers - 12

If you are working on multiple tabs and needing to close and restart Firefox regularly, Session Manager will come to your aid by saving the state of all open web pages in tabs and restoring them at a later time. Not only useful for manually restarting sessions but it also helps in cases of crashes. Keep in mind that not everything on a web page might be saved, so better do some testing before closing pages with important, unrecoverable information.

You can download and install Session Manager addon here.

This concludes our list of Firefox web developer add-ons, hopefully some of them will help you during your projects.

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