Full List of Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

In this post, I will make a detailed list of keyboard shortcuts that are available in Mozilla Firefox web browser.

If you are a Google Chrome user, you can check the list of Chrome keyboard shortcuts.

Using the keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) may help you speed up and simplify many tasks that you do frequently and repeatedly within a software. Since web browsers have become probably the most used software lately, knowing the shortcuts for the browser you are using may save you a lot of time.

Though there are some common keyboard shortcuts among all programs such as copying (Ctrl + C) and pasting (Ctrl + V), every program comes with its own set of shortcuts. The available shortcuts also depend on the operating system you are using as Windows and Mac computers have slightly different keyboard buttons and may use different buttons to do the same task in a program.

Now, let's see the shortcuts that are available in Firefox browser on Windows.

Full List of Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

List of Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt + F4Closes the browser window.
Alt + Left ArrowOpens the previous page you visited. Same as the Back button.
Alt + Right ArrowOpens the next page you visited. Same as the Forward button.
Ctrl + ASelects all. Either all elements on a page or all text in an input field.
Ctrl + BDisplays Bookmarks sidebar on the left.
Ctrl + CCopies the selection.
Ctrl + DBookmarks the page in the active tab.
Ctrl + FStarts the Find dialog. Same as F3 button.
Ctrl + HOpens History sidebar on the left, where you can find the websites you visited earlier.
Ctrl + JOpens Downloads library.
Ctrl + OOpens a file.
Ctrl + NOpens a new Firefox browser window.
Ctrl + POpens the Print dialog where you can print the current web page.
Ctrl + RRefreshes the page. Same as F5 button.
Ctrl + SSaves the currently open web page or file.
Ctrl + TOpens a new browser tab.
Ctrl + UDisplays HTML source code of the current page.
Ctrl + VPastes from the clipboard.
Ctrl + WCloses the active tab. Also closes the browser if there's only one tab open.
Ctrl + XCuts the selection.
Ctrl + YRedo your last action.
Ctrl + ZUndo your last action.
Ctrl + 0Resets the zoom level.
Ctrl + +Zooms in.
Ctrl + -Zooms out.
Ctrl + Shift + AOpens Addons page. Also accessible via about:addons
Ctrl + Shift + BOpens Bookmarks page.
Ctrl + Shift + DBookmarks all pages that are currently open.
Ctrl + Shift + DelOpens Clear all history window.
Ctrl + Shift + HOpens the History page which shows all history.
Ctrl + Shift + IOpens the development tools console.
Ctrl + Shift + POpens a private browsing window.
Ctrl + Shift + QExits Firefox.
Ctrl + Shift + TReopens the last closed tab.
F3Starts the Find dialog. Same as Ctrl + F.
F5Refreshes the page. Same as Ctrl + R
F6Moves the cursor to the address bar.
F7Turns on/off Caret Browsing. Caret browsing, or caret navigation, allows you to select text via keyboard.
F10Displays/Hides the top navigation menu.
F11Changes the view to Full Screen. You can exit full screen mode by pressing F11 again.
F12Opens Network tab of the development console.
QInspect, opens the development console for the selected element. Requires an element on the page to be selected in order to work.

This is a complete list of the currently available Firefox keyboard shortcuts as of writing this post. I did my best to find all the available shortcuts in Firefox but if I have missed any, please let me know. Also, if you know anyone who uses Firefox as their default browser, please share this post as they may find it useful to learn about some shortcuts.

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