How to Adjust Zoom Level in Firefox

Sometimes, you may need to zoom in or out on a web page in order to better read its text and see its images. In this tutorial, I will show you how to easily adjust the zoom level in Mozilla Firefox web browser.

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When it comes to browsing websites, everyone may have different viewing preferences. Not only that but considering the wide variety of computers, tablets, mobile devices and different screen sizes make the job of the web designers really hard to create a website interface, create a user experience that will make all visitors happy. For that reason web browsers give you some control over how you want to view web pages such as applying custom user styles or adjusting zoom levels.

If you are a Mozilla Firefox user, you can add custom styles in Firefox in order to view websites the way you would like to. However, it is not always an easy thing to apply custom styles if you are not a coder. This is where the zoom feature comes to help for increasing or decreasing the size of the elements on the pages you are viewing.

TIP: If you are a Google Chrome user, you can also check how to adjust zoom level in Chrome.

Now, let's see how the zoom feature in Firefox works below.

How to Zoom In in Mozilla Firefox

There are three ways that you can zoom in to a web page in Firefox.

1. Ctrl + Mousewheel (forward)

Once Firefox is open and the page that you want to zoom into is in the active browser tab, simply press the Ctrl button on your keyboard and rotate the mousewheel forward. You will notice that the page will be zoomed in in incremental steps. At each small rotation of the mousewheel, the page will be zoomed in by 10%. For example, if you rotate 5 times, the page will be at 150% zoom in.

The maximum zoom in limit of Firefox is 300%. You can check the zoom level as you rotate your mousewheel from the options menu at the top right corner.

How to Adjust Zoom Level in Firefox - 1

2. Ctrl + +

Another way to zoom in in Firefox is to press the Ctrl button and then hit the + (plus) key. Depending on your keyboard preferences, you may need to unlock Num Lock in order to use the + key.

3. Options Menu

If you click the options menu icon on the top right of the browser window just below the close button, a dropdown menu will appear where you can see the zoom controls. If you click the + button on the right of 100%, the page will be zoomed in.

How to Adjust Zoom Level in Firefox - 2

How to Zoom Out in Mozilla Firefox

There are three ways that you can zoom out from a web page in Firefox.

1. Ctrl + Mousewheel (backward)

When the mouse cursor is over the active browser window tab, if you press the Ctrl button and hit start rotating the mousewheel backwards, the page will be zoomed out incrementally at each small rotation. The maximum zoom out level in Firefox is 30%.

2. Ctrl + -

While pressing the Ctrl button, if you hit the - (minus) key, the page will be zoomed out.

3. Options Menu

As shown in the step 3 of zooming in section above, you can also zoom out using the - button on the left of 100% that you can see on the dropdown options menu.

How to Reset Zoom Level in Firefox

There are two ways to reset the zoom level in Firefox back to 100%.

1. Ctrl + 0

When the zoom level on a web page is at a value other than 100%, if you press the Ctrl and 0 (zero) buttons simultaneously, the zoom level will be reset back to 100%.

2. Options Menu

In order to reset the zoom level, you need to click on the zoom value (100% when there is no zoom) in the options menu. Once clicked, the page will be displayed at 100% zoom level.

You can also check Firefox keyboard shortcuts list to learn more about which shortcuts you can use while zooming in and out and for other actions.

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