How to Bookmark All Open Tabs in Firefox

It is possible to bookmark multiple web pages that you opened in more than one tab in Firefox web browser. In this tutorial, I will show you how to bookmark all open tabs in Mozilla Firefox using a simple shortcut.

If you frequently open multiple websites at the same time while working or spending some leisure time online, and if you like to save web pages for future reference, you most probably need the ability to bookmark multiple pages at once, from time to time. Bookmarking multiple tabs in a browser not only saves you time compared to bookmarking each page one by one, but it also allows you to quickly organize a group of related websites.

For example, imagine that you performed a Google search and opened a lot of websites such as interesting websites, music sites, deal sites, question and answer sites or some popular sites. Let's say you have 20 or more such websites opened in different tabs of your browser and you want to bookmark them all. Selecting and bookmarking each of them one by one would take a lot of time, right?

Luckily, most modern web browsers allow you to easily bookmark all currently open tabs with the click of a button (or with the use of a shortcut key). Firefox is one of such browsers and we will now see how bookmarking all open tabs works in Firefox.

TIP: If you are a Google Chrome user, you may also want to check the tutorial about bookmarking all tabs in Chrome.

Firefox Bookmark All Tabs

As far as I checked, Firefox doesn't have a main menu option (like Chrome has) to bookmark all tabs at the same time. However, it still provides a simple option to accomplish the task.

STEP 1: Open Firefox browser and open the web pages that you want bookmark in multiple tabs.

STEP 2: Once the pages are ready, right click on any of the open tab titles or on the empty area of the top menu bar.

This will open a small dropdown menu where you will see some options for controlling the tabs.

How to Bookmark All Open Tabs in Firefox - 1

STEP 3: Click on the Bookmark All Tabs... option in the menu.

The New Bookmarks dialog will be opened, on which you can specify where to store the newly created bookmarks. You can save them into a previously created folder or create a new folder for your new bookmarks, using the New Folder button.

How to Bookmark All Open Tabs in Firefox - 2

STEP 4: After selecting the target folder for your bookmarks, you can now hit the Add Bookmarks button to finalize bookmarking the tabs.

Once bookmarked, you can now easily access these group of web pages by showing all bookmarks in Firefox (via the menu or Ctrl + Shift + B).

Firefox Shortcut for Bookmarking All Tabs

A quicker way for bookmarking all currently open tabs is to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + D. Similar to the Step 3 above, pressing this shortcut will open the New Bookmarks dialog.

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After bookmarking a number of web pages and saving them to the same folder, if you ever decide to delete these bookmarks, you can simply delete this folder inside the bookmarks.

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