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Using an FTP software is one of the options for transferring files and folders to or from your website or server. In this post, we will take a detailed look at some of the most popular free FTP software that you can use to upload/download files from your website.

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There are two main methods for transferring files and folders (text and HTML files, images, videos, etc.) from your computer to your website server or vice versa. One method is to use the built in File Manager in your hosting control panel, e.g. cPanel. The other method is to transfer the files via a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client.

The File Manager handles a couple of actions more efficiently compared to FTP clients, such as viewing files, deleting a group of files and folders or working with zip archives. However, there are also some actions that a FTP client handles a lot more efficiently such as quickly editing, uploading or downloading files. FTP clients are also quite useful for backing up or moving your website. In short, if you are frequently accessing your site's files, making modifications and adding new ones, using an FTP software is the way to go.

The capabilities of FTP software may range from basic to more advanced but in general most of the features you would need while transferring your files can be found in the majority of the free FTP software. Though there are also paid alternatives, you shouldn't invest in them until after you try the free ones and decide that you definitely need the features the paid ones have to offer.

Having said that, let's start with our list of 6 free FTP software.

1. FileZilla

List of Free FTP Software - 1

When we think of free FTP software, FileZilla is the first one that comes to our minds, as it is the most popular free and open source FTP client. FileZilla is very lightweight, quick to download and install, and pretty easy to use. Once you get used to it, you will most probably never seek another FTP client again.

FileZilla is available as a client on Windows, Mac and Linux; and as a server on Windows. It supports FTP, FTPS, SFTP as well as IPv6 and it is available in many languages. It has a clean, easy to use interface, it has drag & drop support for easily uploading files and it allows the transfer of large files above 4 GB. Some of the other nice features of FileZilla are bookmarks, transfer queues, configurable transfer speeds, filename filters, directory comparison and remote file editing.

You can download FileZilla here.

2. Core FTP

List of Free FTP Software - 2

Core FTP is a free and secure file transfer software that supports Windows platforms including the very old ones such as Windows 98, 2000 and XP. It also has a paid version with advanced features but for your basic file transfer needs, it should be more than enough.

Core FTP is a nice tool to publish and manage your website from your computer and it provides an SFTP server that allows file transfer between computers. Some of the nice features of Core FTP are the browser integration, site to site transfers, drag & drop support, viewing and editing files easily, bandwidth control, and command line support.

You can download Core FTP here.

3. CoffeeCup Free FTP

List of Free FTP Software - 3

CoffeeCup Free FTP is a nice and modern looking free FTP software provided by CoffeeCup, that works on Windows Vista, 7 and 8. It has a very user friendly interface that even the beginners can quickly get accustomed to. It allows you to easily view, preview, archive or bookmark files and folders that you are working on.

CoffeeCup Free FTP tool provides an easy file management environment as well as fast download/upload of files. One nice feature of this tool is the built-in file editor which allows you to quickly make edits on the files that are on your computer or on your website server.

You can download CoffeeCup Free FTP here.

4. WinSCP

List of Free FTP Software - 4

WinSCP is another popular and widely used free, open source FTP software that combines different file transfer tools such as FTP, SFTP, SCP and FTPS in one tool. As well as between local computer to server, it also allows file transfer between a local and remote computer.

WinSCP supports Windows and it has a graphical interface which is available in dozens of languages. While you can do all common file transfer operations with WinSCP, you can also use the .NET assembly and batch file scripting and command-line interface. Integrated text editor and directory synchronization makes this a nice option to use for your file transfers.

You can download WinSCP here.

5. Cyberduck

List of Free FTP Software - 5

Cyberduck is a free FTP and SFTP software available on Mac and Windows (Vista, 7 and 8). Its installation file is relatively larger in size compared to the previous software in our list, since it also supports other types of file transfers such as WebDAV, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and Google Drive.

Cyberduck's simple interface lets you easily browse and upload your files with the correct character encoding. Some of its useful features are drag and drop file transfers, system tray notifications, local - remote file synchronization and integration with text editors.

You can download Cyberduck here.

6. FireFTP

List of Free FTP Software - 6

FireFTP is not a standalone downloadable FTP software but it is a Firefox browser extension that you can use from within Firefox after the installation. It is cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux), it supports FTP and SFTP and has a pretty simple and easy to use, resizable user interface.

If you prefer to use browser extensions for your web design and development tasks including file transfers, FireFTP will be a nice choice for you. Some of the features of FireFTP are directory comparison, multi-language support, automatic resuming of transfers, remote editing and file compression.

You can download FireFTP here.

These are the most popular free FTP software with variable features but they will all do the job of basic file transfer between your computer and your website. If you are new to using FTP software, you can also check our posts about uploading files via an FTP client, and downloading files via an FTP client.

I hope that this list will give you enough free options to handle your file transfers. If you liked this post, please share it.

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