Gmail Hotkeys: List of Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you perform all your actions while using a website via the mouse only or do you also use keyboard shortcuts to quicken handling some of your tasks and activities? This post will list the hotkeys that you can use with Gmail while checking your emails and compiling new ones.

Gmail, an online email account service offered by Google, is one of the most popular email services on the web, that is used by hundreds of millions of users on a daily basis for their personal and business related electronic communications.

Gmail Hotkeys: Full List of Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail offers a high quality web based email service that you can use for personal emails, subscriptions, newsletters, shopping and work related emails. It offers a nice spam protection system and organizes your incoming emails into categories to help you find important messages easily.

Some of the features of Gmail include are 10GB of email storage capacity, a wide variety of themes to customize how your inbox looks and real-time notifications. Also it works on any device from desktop computers to laptops and mobile devices like Android, iPhone and tablets.

You can use Gmail as an alternative to Skype or other messenger apps as it allows you to make voice and video calls. You can create calendar events and store and share your files on the Google Drive.

After this introduction about Gmail, we shall now move on to the hotkeys that you can make use of while browsing your emails on Gmail.

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts make a lot of tasks easier when you get used to them. Instead of bringing the mouse cursor to a specific point on the screen, clicking on of the mouse buttons, selecting and dragging the mouse while your finger still presses the mouse button -which is often times a tiring and time consuming thing-, you can simply press a few keyboard buttons to do the same job. Using keyboard shortcuts is especially quite useful and saves a lot of time for you if you're frequently working on software applications and web browsers, e.g. in web design, development or management projects.

Gmail has a number of hotkeys that you use on desktop computers and on Android. We will start with Gmail hotkeys for Android.

TIP: You can also see the shortcut keys by pressing the ? key when you are in Gmail.

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts for Android

The following shortcuts can be used on a compatible external keyboard with an Android phone or tablet.

Keyboard ShortcutFunction
Ctrl + ,Opens Settings page.
Ctrl + ASelects all.
Ctrl + CCopies the selection.
Ctrl + DArchives an email.
Ctrl + EnterSends an email.
Ctrl + IMarks an email read/unread.
Ctrl + MOpens the side menu.
Ctrl + NComposes a new email.
Ctrl + PPrints the email.
Ctrl + RReplies all.
Ctrl + SSaves a draft of the email.
Ctrl + ?Opens Help section.
Ctrl + URefreshes the inbox.
Ctrl + VPastes the selection.
Ctrl + XCuts the selection.
EnterOpens the selected email.

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts for Computers:

Below is a list of Gmail shortcuts that work on computers, desktop or laptop, with a keyboard.

Viewing Messages and Conversations

Keyboard ShortcutFunction
Arrow Keys (Left, Right, Up, Down)Moves the cursor to a conversation or label.
EnterSelects an item.
NGoes to the Next message.
PGoes to the Previous message.

Composing a Message

Keyboard ShortcutFunction
Ctrl + .Moves the cursor to the next window.
Ctrl + ,Moves the cursor to the previous window.
Ctrl + Shift + CMoves the cursor to CC field.
Ctrl + Shift + BMoves the cursor to BCC field.
Ctrl + Shift + FMoves the cursor to From field.
Shift + EscMoves the cursor to main window.


To be able to use the following keyboard shortcuts, you need to enable them from the Settings panel in Gmail.

Keyboard ShortcutFunction
/Moves the cursor to Search box.
`Navigates to next inbox section.
~Navigates to previous inbox section.
+Marks a message as important.
-Marks a message as unimportant.
!Reports an email as spam (see where to report spam emails).
AReplies to all recipients.
CComposes a new message.
DComposes a new message in a new tab.
ESends the conversation to archive.
FForwards an email.
JMoves the cursor to an older conversation.
KMoves the cursor to a newer conversation.
MMutes the conversation.
OOpen a conversation or expands/collapses a message.
RReplies an email.
SAdds/Removes a star to a message or conversation.
Shift + CComposes a new message in a new window.
UReturns to conversation list.
XSelects a conversation.

Hopefully, these shortcuts will help you while using Gmail.

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