How to Create a Google Play Store Account

You are new to downloading mobile apps to your smartphone or tablet from the Google Play Store and you want to create a new account? This tutorial will show you how to create a Play Store account in simple steps.

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Google Play Store is Google's official web store for apps, games, movies, music, books and other types of downloads for Android. It is available on mobile phones, tablets, TVs, watches and other devices that are built on Android operating system. You can also access the Play Store via a web browser on Windows and Mac computers but you won't be able to download and install most apps.

You can find a massive number of apps for all kinds of tasks you can think of on the Google Play Store. From web browsers and office tools to social apps, email apps, instant messenger apps, photo editing apps, music listening apps, deals and coupons apps and photo sharing apps, there is most probably an app about whatever you may need.

In order to download an app from the Google Play Store, you will need to have an account and use it on your Android device. In the next section, we will demonstrate how to set up an account for the Play Store.

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Create a Play Store Account on Android

We will be creating a new Google account by opening the Play Store app which is installed on Android devices by default. For demonstration purposes, we will use a Samsung Galaxy phone with Android 4+, but the steps will be more or less similar on devices with a different Android version.

STEP 1: Find the Play Store icon on your phone/tablet and tap on it to open it.

You can find it on the Apps screen, if not on the homescreen.

How to Create a Google Play Store Account - 1

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Since no Google account is added to your phone previously, you will be welcomed with Add a Google Account screen.

How to Create a Google Play Store Account - 2

STEP 2: Tap on the New button, which will take you to the account creation screen.

On the next three screens, you will be asked to enter your name, choose a new username and create your password.

How to Create a Google Play Store Account - 3

STEP 3: Enter your first and last names which will be used to personalize your device and Google services, choose a username which is basically a Gmail email address, and make sure to choose a strong password for maximum account security.

STEP 4: On the Recovery Information screen, choose a security question and answer and also provide a recovery email address which will help you recover your Google Play Store account when you have login issues.

How to Create a Google Play Store Account - 4

STEP 5: On the Finish Account screen, choose if you would like to turn on web history and receive news and offers from Google Play. You can also read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of Google and Play Store.

How to Create a Google Play Store Account - 5

Your account information so far will be saved and you will be asked to set up payment info.

How to Create a Google Play Store Account - 6

Add a credit or debit card if you are planning to make purchases on the Google Play Store, or tap on the No Thanks button to skip this step. Note that, you can set up your payment information at a later time.

STEP 6: The final step is to adjust your backup settings. Depending on your preference, you can tell Google to use your account to backup your apps, settings and other data. This will be quite useful in case you move your account to another device at a later time.

Once you are done with all the above steps, your Google Play Store account will be created and you will be redirected to the Get Started page and then to the Google Play homescreen.

How to Create a Google Play Store Account - 7

This whole process may take up to a couple of minutes depending on your Internet connection speed and how fast you type.

You now have a Google Play Store account that you can use on your Android device to download and install apps any time you want. Just remember that you will need to be connected to Internet to access the Play Store and download apps.

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