How to Add HTML Elements to a Web Page

We will demonstrate how to add some of the mostly used HTML elements to a web page in this tutorial.

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Everything you see on a web page is made of HTML elements. To add an HTML element to a web page, you simply add the opening tag, the content of the element and the closing tag like the following:

<p>This is a paragraph.</p>

The above code represents a paragraph element in HTML and you will see how it is constructed below.

HTML CodeDescription
<p>opening tag
This is a paragraph.content
</p>closing tag

Some HTML elements have self-closing tags like the image element.

<img src="myimage.jpg">

In the example below, you will see a number of HTML elements that are used commonly in web pages:

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>Alex's Website</title>
  <p>Hi, I am Alex and this is my website about cats.</p>
  <p>Here is a picture of my cat:</p>
  <img src="cat.jpg">
  <p>Please click the link below to learn more about me:</p>
  <a href="about-me.html">About Me</a>

The above example demonstrates the following HTML elements:

HTML ElementDescription
<img src="...">image
<a href="...">...</a>link

You can create a basic web page and put the above code into that page and see how it works. You can replace the image file, cat.jpg, as you wish.

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