Instagram Hashtags: How to Use Hashtags on Instagram

Using relevant and popular hashtags with your Instagram photos is beneficial for making your photos to be easily found under those hashtags when people search for them. In this short post, we will talk about how hashtags are used on Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most popular mobile apps and a great photo sharing network where you can quickly and easily share your photos and videos with your friends and followers. Instagram not only focuses on living the moment on the go and mobile sharing of those moments via still images or recorded videos, but it also offers a nice platform for editing your photos and putting them online to share with the world without any hassles.

As in some other major social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram also makes use of hashtags, or tags, for connecting related content and allowing the users to find it easily. A hashtag is basically a word or string of characters that starts with a hash (#) character. For example, #peace, #world and #nature can be used as hashtags, actually there's no limit as to what you can use as a hashtag, as long as you are staying within the terms of use of Instagram.

The hashtag phrase or word, when posted online in a status update, in a tweet or in a photo description, it is automatically turned into a link that once clicked will open a list of related content. On Instagram, when you click a hashtag in a photo description or in a comment, it will open a page that lists other photos using the same hashtag. For example, if you click #nature hashtag on Instagram, it will open a page displaying photos that are tagged with the #nature hashtag, though not necessarily all of them will be related to "nature" since some users abuse the hashtag system and use inappropriate or irrelevant hashtags on their photos for the sake of gaining more exposure and followers.

Now let's see how to add hashtags to your photos and comments on Instagram.

Using Instagram Hashtags on Your Photos

As you may already know, you can post photos and videos only via the mobile Instagram app, you can't make posts from the Instagram website. Hence, you should follow this part of the tutorial via the Instagram app on your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.

STEP 1: Grab your phone and open the Instagram app.

STEP 2: At the center of the bottom navigation bar, you should see the camera icon, tap on it.

Instagram Hashtags: How to Use Hashtags on Instagram - 1

STEP 3: Take a new photo or find the photo that you want to post, from the photo gallery on your phone, apply some filters if you want and then tap Next.

Instagram Hashtags: How to Use Hashtags on Instagram - 2

STEP 4: On the photo details screen, where it says "Write a caption", write your image caption and add your hashtags within the caption or at the end. As explained above, you simply add # before your hashtag word, e.g. #myhashtag. In our example, we used #flowers and #violet hashtags.

Instagram Hashtags: How to Use Hashtags on Instagram - 3

When you publish the photo, the hashtags will be visible in the photo description area and they will turn into clickable links automatically.

Instagram Hashtags: How to Use Hashtags on Instagram - 4

Using Instagram Hashtags in Your Comments

Another place on Instagram where you can use hashtags is comments. You can post comments both on your mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) by accessing the Instagram app and on your computer by accessing the Instagram website. So, you are free to use the app or website as you wish.

STEP 1: Find a photo or video on Instagram that you want to comment on and click the comment button below the photo. On the Instagram app, it is a speech bubble icon.

Instagram Hashtags: How to Use Hashtags on Instagram - 5

STEP 2: Type your comment and include your hashtag in it.

Instagram Hashtags: How to Use Hashtags on Instagram - 6

When you post your comment, the hashtags in your comment will display as links just like in the photo description area.

Now that you know how to use hashtags on Instagram, you can add some relevant and nice hashtags to your photos and comments that you share on your profile from this point forward.

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