Where to Find Photos You Liked on Instagram

Did you know that you can go back and check the photos, videos and posts from other users that you liked on Instagram previously? Yes, you heard it right, you can view your liked posts on your account and it requires just a couple of clicks as I will show in this post.

Instagram is a highly popular photo sharing app you can use on your mobile devices for sharing your important moments as pictures. It is quite simple to use, but still, if you are new to it and if you have difficulty using mobile apps and online tools in general, performing certain tasks and finding your way around might get a little difficult from time to time. Sometimes, you may have issues with locating even the simplest account setting or profile page. For that reason, we prepared this simple tutorial to guide you through how to find your liked photos on Instagram.

Liked Photos on Instagram

While you are logged into your Instagram account, you can "like" any post that you view from other users. You can like as many posts as you want and also you can un-like a post afterwards, if you wish to do so. By the way, you don't need to be following a person in order to like their posts.

When you like a post (photo, video, etc.) on Instagram by pressing the heart button, on the Instagram app or on the website, that post is logged in your liked entries history, which you can view at a later time. This is especially useful for users those who enjoy checking their previous liked photos from time to time, or for users who need a way to un-like certain photos for privacy reasons.

Now, let's see where the log of your liked photos are stored in your account.

Find All Photos You've Liked on Instagram

Before we start, let me mention that this can be done only on the app version of Instagram, in other words, you can't view your liked photos or posts on the Instagram website (instagram.com).

STEP 1: On your mobile device, open Instagram app and log into your account if you are not already logged in.

STEP 2: At the right corner of the bottom navigation bar, click on the Profile icon.

Where to Find Photos You Liked on Instagram - 1

This will open your profile page where you can view your profile, your posts and your followers, and make changes to your account settings.

STEP 3: At the top right corner of your profile page, click the Options icon, which is three vertical dots.

Where to Find Photos You Liked on Instagram - 2

The Options page will be opened, where you can adjust a number of account settings, as well as invite or find friends.

STEP 4: Scroll down to find the Account section, and in that section, find and click the Posts You've Liked entry.

Where to Find Photos You Liked on Instagram - 3

This will open the Likes page, where you can view all the photos that you previously liked on Instagram. You can check them, un-like any of them if you want and see what types of things you have liked so far.

Where to Find Photos You Liked on Instagram - 4

You can re-visit this page any time you want, when you need to check your liked photos. Note that the photos you liked on Instagram are not stored on your phone, they are simply logged in your Instagram account history and made available for your future viewing. Also note that, a photo will stay on your Likes page as long as its publisher keeps the photo on their profile.

TIP: If you would like to know how to take screenshots like the ones in this post on your mobile phone, you can check our tutorial about taking screenshots on Android.

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