12 Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

Social bookmarking is still a nice way to share your finds on the Internet, discover interesting things and engage with other users. In this post, we will take a look at 12 of the most popular social bookmarking websites that are still going strong today.

In the last decade, a lot of social bookmarking websites appeared and disappeared; most of them were spammed to death, some were able to survive the new waves of the Internet, some had to shut their doors. As of now, there are still many highly popular social bookmarking websites that hundreds of millions of users are still using on a daily basis to share content they like from all over the world wide web.

Social bookmarking is also a nice way to share your own content that you publish on your blog or other platforms with your followers. Though, your goal should be to build a community and engage with them rather than to continuously spam the social bookmarking sites.

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Now, let's start with our list of most popular social bookmarking websites.

Social Bookmarking Websites List

1. Reddit

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Reddit is one of the oldest social bookmarking websites and it is getting even more popular as of late. Probably they owe their success to their simple interface and focus on the community. You can submit any kind of links (articles, news, images, videos etc.) to Reddit and share with your friends and followers. You can even create your own subreddits and start a community. If you are looking for an endless supply of interesting web pages, browsing Reddit for a couple of hours will not disappoint you.

2. Pinterest

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Pinterest is one of the newer social sharing platforms that started with a unique concept of "pinning images" that you like on web pages. It quickly gained high popularity and is now used by hundreds of millions of people. With its browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox, you can easily pin and share any content that you find to be interesting online. You can also create your own pin boards to group your pins in categories.

3. StumbleUpon

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For a long time, StumbleUpon was the main portal for people to find and share (stumble) random interesting content online. It was fun to press the Stumble button and land on a random page which was targeted based on your interests and previous browsing when there was little content on the Internet. Though it lost its high popularity of its glorious days, StumbleUpon is still a great site to share and find interesting web pages.

4. Google+

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Another social bookmarking site that made into our list is Google+, which is a service provided by Google. Google+ started slowly but eventually it reached a wide audience over the last couple of years. It's a nice and simple to use platform to connect with others, to bookmark and share websites you like. If you are building an online presence for yourself or for your business, Google+ is a perfect place to create a profile and build a follower base by regularly posting your content.

5. Delicious

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Once the king of the social bookmarking websites, Delicious has lost its traction in the recent years, mostly due to the major transitions and changes its new management introduced. Still, it is a nice platform to bookmark and share content that matters to you. Delicious also offers save buttons for websites and bookmarklets for browsers to provide easier bookmarking for its users.

6. Digg

12 Popular Social Bookmarking Websites - 6

Digg used to share the throne with Delicious years ago, but over the last couple years it also went through some transitions, but you can still "digg" and share content that you find to be interesting. On Digg, the more diggs and social shares a link has, the more likely it will appear on its homepage.

7. We Heart It

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We Heart It is a Pinterest like website where you can "heart" (like) and share beautiful and inspirational images from various sources such as Tumblr. Its unique navigation makes image discovery a joy. You can find countless images hearted by other users in dozens of categories and you can filter results based on the date of submission. If you love sharing pictures and finding cool ones, you should give We Heart It a try.

8. folkd.com

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folkd.com is another older social bookmarking platform where you can save and share your links, find interesting videos and posts. It has free registration and it still has an active user base that share content related news, technology, sports, videos and games. Folkd is also a nice place to store your personal bookmarks and liked web pages online for future access.

9. Pearltrees

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Pearltrees is a great platform to store, organize and share your favorite content with others. It offers an innovative platform to save web pages, files, photos and notes, create collections and collaborate on them. Pearltrees has a drag and drop interface that allows you to organize your saved content visually. It also has a search feature to find millions of content submitted by other users.

10. BibSonomy

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BibSonomy is a social bookmarking website that focuses on scientific publications. It provides an easy way for users to bookmark, manage and share science related articles, papers, discussions and the like. If you are a science researcher, it is also a great place to find interesting material. Its search feature allows you to search by tag, author and concept to simplify your research. It is available in three languages: English, German and Russian.

The last two websites on our list are offered as a paid service. We still wanted to include them as they are among the popular social bookmarking sites too.

11. Diigo

12 Popular Social Bookmarking Websites - 11

Diigo was not always a paid service, but it looks they went with a paid subscription model to keep off the spammers and to improve the quality of their service. If you don't mind paying for useful services that you frequently use, Diigo might be a nice alternative for your online social bookmarking needs. Diigo allows you to save and access your web pages from anywhere and easily share with others. It provides a personal library where you can organize your resources, take notes, highlight text on web pages and more.

12. Pinboard

12 Popular Social Bookmarking Websites - 12

Pinboard is a paid (no ads) but a simple and quick platform to collect your bookmarks online that has an emphasize on privacy. It is available in multiple languages and accessible from any browser. You can import/export your bookmarks in various formats and sync them with third party services like Twitter, Instapaper or Pocket.

There are many more social bookmarking websites that you can find on the web but these are among the most popular ones that provide a high quality service with minimal spam issues.

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I hope that you liked our list and please let us know if you think we missed any major social bookmarking website.

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