8 Best Deal Websites on the Internet

If you shop online or offline frequently, knowing where to find great deals might save you a lot of time and money. In this post, we will make a list of 8 of the best deal websites where you can find great daily deals in various categories.

Who doesn't look for a deal, a discount or a coupon before buying anything nowadays? Especially if you are a serial online shopper, it becomes vital to have a good knowledge of finding the best online deals before even touching your credit card.

Fortunately, as more companies entered the competition for selling online goods, the more and better buying options popped up for us, the consumers. Most stores and businesses (online or local) run frequent deals and discounts to attract new customers and lure the previous ones back. Numerous deal websites are a great way for those stores to list their deals and reach wider audiences.

As the online shopping became more and more popular, the number of online deal websites increased rapidly. As a consumer, you should be aware that not all those sites provide real deals and using some of them may even end up with getting scammed and losing money. For that reason, we compiled a list of most well-known deal sites where you can find great daily deals for almost anything you may want.

List of Best Deal Websites

The following is 8 of the best deal websites we featured in our list in no specific order. Note that some of those sites link to third party websites and stores where the purchase takes place. As a usual advice, please be careful when making a purchase on any website online.

1. Groupon

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When Groupon first launched a couple of years ago, it quickly became a social purchasing wave and grew internationally to many countries. It is still a major deal website where businesses and local stores list their deals. You can find thousands of sweet deals in many cities around the world, which is actually a pretty nice thing if you travel a lot. You can find deals on Groupon for food, health, beauty, spas, travel and also physical products such as clothing and accessories they recently started to include in their Groupon Goods program.

Start browsing the deals on Groupon now.

2. LivingSocial

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LivingSocial is one of the most popular local deals website that features deals in hundreds of cities in the US and Canada. From restaurants to travel, from sports and fitness to events and activities, you can find thousands of great deals on LivingSocial on a daily basis. LivingSocial also features product deals in a wide range of categories including fashion, jewelry, home and gadgets.

Start browsing the deals on LivingSocial now.

3. Slickdeals

8 Best Deal Websites on the Internet - 3

If you are going to buy a product online, do not buy it before checking Slickdeals as you will most probably find it cheaper there. Slickdeals is a deals, discounts and coupons website where you can find almost anything you want in dozens of categories such as autos, computers, TVs, apparel, pets and books. It also offers coupon codes for soem of the most popular stores. You can also subscribe to their deal alerts if you wouldn't want to miss their great deals.

Start browsing the deals on Slickdeals now.

4. Woot!

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Woot! is a fun site to find nice deals in electronics, tools, accessories and more. Deals on Woot! have a limited time or a limited quantity, so if you are an electronics geek, it is better to keep an eye on them to catch great deals. Different than other sites, Woot! provides extra stats and insight about the sales figures for each deal and offers a forum for the user to discuss about the items for sale.

Start browsing the deals on Woot! now.

5. Amazon

8 Best Deal Websites on the Internet - 5

Amazon is probably the first website that will come to your mind when you think about online shopping. Though it is not a deals focused website, it provides nice daily deals on their Amazon Today's Deals page. If you are a frequent buyer on Amazon, it is better you bookmark their deals page so that you can check their deals and grab the ones you need. Nothing much to be said about Amazon, it provides a great platform for online shopping, with detailed product information, reviews and various product and price filters to make your product search easier.

Start browsing the deals on Amazon now.

6. eBay

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The most popular auction site in the world, eBay has its own deals section with discounts up to 80% off or even more. Most eBay daily deals are free shipping, so if you would like to grab some of them, you will need to act quick before either the deals or the stocks end. Like other deal sites, you can find a wide variety of products in eBay's deals section such as home and garden, tech, travel and instruments.

Start browsing the deals on eBay now.

7. DealNews

8 Best Deal Websites on the Internet - 7

DealNews is one of the oldest online deals websites where you can find deals and coupons for any category of shopping from various stores. It is also offered as a mobile app which makes it easier to watch for deals from your phone. Their deal database is updated daily to provide most recent deals in many categories like shoes, watches, tablets, furniture, toys and more.

Start browsing the deals on DealNews now.

8. Brad's Deals

8 Best Deal Websites on the Internet - 8

Brad's Deals website is a collection of handpicked deals and coupons from more than 3800 popular stores like Apple, Home Depot, Macy's, Sears and Walmart that has been in operation for 15 years. You can find some nice deals on Brad's Deals in clothing, shoes, electronics, office, tools and other categories. They also have a section where they feature exclusive deals you can find only on their website.

Start browsing the deals on Brad's Deals now.

This concludes our list of best deal websites on the Internet. As we find more nice sites of these kind, we will continue to expand our list. Hopefully, this list will help you save a couple of dollars in your next online shopping. If you liked this list of deal websites, please share this post with your friends using one of the social buttons below.

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