How to Delete Your Past Search Results

Most websites and software such as web browsers, keep track of your past searches and other activities. Sometimes you may need to clear that searches and in this post, I will talk about how to do that on some of the popular websites and web browsers.

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Web browsers and some popular websites with user account functionality such as search engines, social networks and video sharing sites usually keep track of your activities including your past searches and make that information available to you on your profile page. Often times, your activities and search history are displayed on dedicated History or Activity Log pages where you can access at a later time and check your previous activity and searches that you made.

Having access to your previous searches on a search engine or a video sharing site may be quite useful when you need to go back to a page or video you previously checked but then forgot its location. However, this convenience also brings some privacy concerns with it.

If you are sharing your computer, tablet or mobile phone with others (family, friends or co-workers) or if you are using a computer at a public place, then you may want to clear your browsing history and search history before leaving the device to someone else so that nobody (except system administrators and Internet Service Providers) will know what websites you visited and what searches you made.

TIP: If you want web browsers not to track your activities, you can use their private browsing mode and if you want websites not to track your activities, you can use them without logging into your account (if that's possible) so that your actions and searches will not be logged.

Now, let's see how to delete your past search results and other logged activity records in some of the most popular web browsers and websites.

Delete Your Past Search Results & Browsing History

1. Web Browsers

You can easily delete your browser history, which keeps track of all the web pages that you previously visited and all the searches that you made on any website (by logging the search query URL). The following page provides a detailed tutorial for how to do that on Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari:

How to Delete Web Browser History


If your watch history and search history are being logged in your YouTube account, you can easily delete that entries. The following tutorial demonstrates how you to do that:

How to Delete YouTube Search History

3. Facebook

Another website where you may want to delete your search history is Facebook. They have provided a way to clear your past searches on the Search log page. You can learn how to do that by checking the tutorial below:

How to Delete Facebook Search History

4. Instagram

You can easily delete your Instagram search history from within their mobile app. The following tutorial will show you how to do that with the help of screenshots taken via an Android device:

How to Delete Instagram Search History

As I add more tutorials about deleting your past search results and browsing history in more platforms, I will continue to update this post. Please let me know if you would like to see a tutorial for a specific web browser or website and I will do my best to prepare it and share it with you on this site.

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